Ok so anyone can join this group,and you can put anything you want on it! Its just a way to get more views and likes and fans so your story/poem or whatever can get recognised!

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Feedback on "Call us Heroes"
by CookiesGalore
511 May 16, 17:37 by CookiesGalore
Feedback Needed on: The Final Goodbye © 2015/ Historical Fiction
by JL Jacobs
020 May 15, 16:23 by JL Jacobs
Poem: The Miracle on Lonely Street© 2013 Feedback Please
by JL Jacobs
020 May 15, 16:20 by JL Jacobs
by jiyoonrk
012 Feb 15, 01:43 by jiyoonrk
by Sanguine
03 Sep 14, 20:54 by Sanguine
Who wants a read?
by nickandallhisthings
518 Apr 14, 14:07 by nickandallhisthings
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