• Emily A. H.

    mumbled "The Passion Series and A New Story (All Along)"

    Hi everyone!
    I have been inactive for about a year now - I know that it is terrible of me. Many times have I tried writing a new chapter for Passion '3, but truth is just that I just don't have the same ''passion'' for Passion (which is ironic). I started writing the story three years ago, and therefore a lot has changed in the way I write - so finishing it seems unmanageable to me.
    I am very sorry to the ones who enjoyed the Passion series, but I know how it would end if I ever finished it. I have everything planned out, I just do not have the inspiration to finish it.

    On the other hand I have started a new story, that you (if you want to) are more than welcome to check out. It is a Harry Styles FanFiction, and I hope to write a lot on it and never to let it end like I ended Passion.

    That was all I had to say for now - so thanks for reading!

    Love you all
    - E
    5 years ago
    Emily I am so sad that u didn't finish passion 3 I wanted to know what happened so badly. I just read read book 3 I've it n was looking forward to seeing more of it
    Jamie Mcleod
    4 years ago
    1 years ago
    Awww, I get it tho. Rip passion.
    8 months ago
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