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    I know I've recently deleted a lot of books that a lot of you liked, for example My Step Brother. And I didn't give an explanation as to why I deleted books and I think it's time.
    Recently, I've come to the decision that I want to take up writing as a career and hopefully go somewhere with it one day and because I made that decision, I've wanted to have publishers look at my work and see that I am good. I didn't want them to look at everything I've worked on and have them disgusted or disappointed because it's inappropriate. And that's the main reason why I deleted books like My Step Brother.
    Of course, Everything Happens For A Reason trilogy and My Step Brother will always be something I'm so proud of as writing a fanfiction and those are the books that got me where I am today, right now with so many followers and readers. And as I sit here today, I miss the books, I really do. I miss the casual comments here and there.
    However, because of this decision I made to delete books, I feel as if I've lost a lot of readers and it hurts me when I had something so powerful and strong going and it being broken down each day. Of course, it hurts to see only a couple reads on new books and little to no comments but I know I can't get everything I want in life. I can't get this amazing life online and feel like I'm famous because I'm not. I'm not famous. I'm not a celebrity and I probably never will be. I'll never compare to J.K. Rowling. But I felt that way on here with the thousands of reads and the hundreds of comments and the likes. It made me feel like I was living the dream I always wanted. And not having that now, it makes me sad to open up my books and see only a couple people have read my book. And to see nobody comment on it. Nobody like it.
    I want you all to know that even though I deleted the books that got me to where I am right now, I will forever be grateful for those of you who took the time to read them and to comment them and to tell me how you felt connected. Those were the days, honestly. But I won't forget my roots and I need all of you to understand that. As I mature myself, my writing matures with me.
    With much love,
    3 years ago
    im so happy for your career and wish you the best of luck when you do end up being famous ill be there to surrport you