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Be nice: Life’s just easier that way. We want everyone to enjoy their time on the site. So that’s why we monitor stories, images and comments for inappropriate content. Spam, dirty imagines, any abusive behaviour towards users including opinions on race, religion or sexuality and anything else against our terms and conditions will be deleted. With everything else, we’ll work with the user to reach a solution.


Have respect for people’s opinions and their writing: Think how you would feel if the shoe were on the other foot.


Report anything suspicious: Seen some spam? Maybe a G story rated with some 16+ content? Or someone not adhering to the Movellas terms and conditions? Report it to us. You can report a Movella directly by scrolling to the bottom left corner. You can report comments and Mumbles too. For anything else, drop us a line: and we’ll get back to you.


Give constructive feedback: At Movellas we love to improve. So we heart getting constructive comments that will make our writing better. We don’t like getting purely negative comments or rudeness. It makes us sad and we think it would make you sad too.


Rate your story accurately: We have a wide range of users on Movellas; from 13 to late teens. To protect our younger readers from unsuitable content, we created a rating system. Try and stick to it so everyone can enjoy Movellas. You can read our ratings system here.





Copy someone’s work: It doesn’t matter if it’s from another site, from a book, or from Movellas. It’s a big no no and will get spotted.


Post "Dirty Imagine" content: Explicit pictures, covers, or comments will be removed and users will be warned. Stories that fall under the "Dirty Imagine" category are any stories that glamorize rape, slavery, drug use, incest, or pedophilia. You story must have a story to tell and so any stories with pornographic or explicit scenes must be a part of the plot or storyline. Stories that don't comply with our guidelines will be removed.


Spam other users: It’s kinda annoying.


Give out your contact details: Think about the information you give out on Movellas. Sometimes it’s fine to give out your Twitter or even your Instagram (if you’re using them primarily to promote your Movellas work for example), but you might not feel comfortable giving out your Facebook. And you should never, ever, give out your email address, real address or phone number. We will remove any information like this from the site to keep you safe.


Use a username with sexual or offensive content: What might seem innocent to someone else may be offensive to others. You are here to write, read, and share with others right? All stories are divided by their ratings, but by contrast, everyone can see your username.


Agree to meet someone you’ve met online: There’s no way of knowing if they are who they say they are. So keep safe and don’t do it.



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You can read our full terms and conditions here.


Check out our FAQs here.


Read our full ratings guide here.


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