Could Netflix Be The End Of Cinema Industry?

What started as a DVD rental venture is now a billion-dollar company, which earned total revenue of almost $12 billion dollars in the year 2017. Netflix is paving way for streaming service companies, giving them even higher goals. There’s definitely a prominent rise in on-demand movie streaming services and companies like Amazon Prime and Netflix are reaping the benefits. The rumors about streaming TV killing the 100-year-old cinema industry have been floating around movie circles for a very long time. However, is it inevitably going to happen? There’s a lot of speculation and also some truth to this.

The obvious disdain and carefree attitude of Netflix’s officials about not considering cinema and theatre of any importance is surely a sad truth; especially to the old-school cinema lovers. I for one can’t deny the powerful experience of a movie watched in a cinema but at the same time, I may also not get to see a few flicks for various reasons. This is where streaming services like Netflix come in. One can give the argument that watching anything on a smaller frame allows for too many intrusions. The phone may start ringing, the dog may start barking crazy and then there are people who might start going around. Whereas, cinema gives you an immersive experience that you cannot achieve on your home theatre or any hand-held device.

There is a fundamentalist policy for films backed by Netflix; of not letting any of those movies appear on the big screen. They go straight to streaming, and never make it to the silver screen for example; Cary Fukunaga's film Beasts of No Nation. It saw a very limited appearance on the cinema screen and went straight onwards to online streaming. Then there was Will Smith’s amazing Sci-Fi blockbuster Bright that again saw only a television release. With 60 movie releases in 2018, Netflix officials are planning to achieve the 80 scores in the New Year. The question that would bother anyone is why to drive crazily into the movie venture and why the focus on most movies released in a year.

With its first time launch in 2012 as an original TV series streaming service, it actually shook the entertainment powerhouses. House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black was hit series with the whole season launched on the same day. We also observed the binge-watching trend where people were glued to their screens and staying in on weekends. That did extend a blow to the cinema industry. Moviemakers like Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg felt offended by Netflix. Their claims arguably range from the whamming of unlimited movies actually fades their charm to disagreeing with the fact, that such movies with no proper cinematic release shouldn’t get a chance at winning awards.

Looking on the positive side of Netflix coming into the film producing and funding business, there were always films that never saw a cinema release. They can now get a chance at a proper release, which is substantially good, and therefore they come into the light, receive the attention that would have been otherwise impossible. All you need is a dependable internet connection and you are well on your way to explore a wide plethora of amazing titles offered. You can search for good options in your vicinity through Local Cable Deals that definitely would not disappoint you.

What cinema industry can learn is that there is room for improvement. Some extremely good classics go unwatched, never experiencing some well-deserved fame. The political games and power-hungry issues have always been a part of the film industry and streaming services are just taking the game to a higher level by bringing forward a competitive environment. Considering the Netflix perspective, let’s look at what would make them fear the most. They were a streaming service company that has exclusively good series under its belt. They could have simply bought rights to a few more movies, old and new, and that would be enough sustenance. However, with entertainment giants like Disney bringing in their own streaming services, Netflix needed an extra punch to keep their more than 120 million subscribers. This is where the idea sprang, to start creating original movies and to accumulate them under their belts to keep up with other major players. And they have achieved this by releasing Bong Joon-ho dark fantasy Okja and The Meyerowitz Stories, a comic by Noah Baumbach. Then they are bringing gangster picture, The Irishman, featuring two legends of Hollywood, Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro. One can expect to be amazed by such strong movies and all inside the comfort of your homes or wherever you choose to watch them.

Cinema experience has seen quite a few ups and downs. In the fifties and sixties, people bought TVs so the number of cinemagoers decreased. Then after coming back up, it again went down when the first videocassette got a release. None of these actually completely wiped the movie industry. It kept going on and is still doing well. Yes, there is a decrease in the number of people who used to watch movies only on the big screen but it’s not dying anytime soon. It is although important for moviemakers to realize that if they don’t create better movies, Netflix may one day become dangerous to their longevity.

If Netflix keeps producing entertainment that goes into Oscars without ever experiencing a big-screen release then that is a warning sign for the movie industry. The game is on and it’s getting tougher every day with bigger releases.

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