Spoken Word Fanfiction Competition!

Spoken Word Fanfiction Competition

Write, speak, laugh, tell, scream, and shout your story!


Perhaps you have already heard of spoken word and other related things like poetry slam? In short, spoken word (as the name describes) is "an oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of word play and intonation and voice inflection." It is not limited to only poetry, but it can also be prose, fanfics, song, rap, or improvisation. These days there are often contests held where epic spoken word battle take place, and it's always a really fun experience to be involved.


How to Participate


For this competition, you can formulate your entry any way you see fit. Just because the title says fanfiction, doesn't mean you are limited to only reading a Fanfic for spoken word. You just need to write a text (be it a poem, story, or song) or improvise something, and then record yourself reading it. You should try to avoid looking down at the text you are reading, but try instead to recite it in a natural way. It's a good idea to practice a few times before you shoot your video, and the text must be your own material.


**In addition to submitting your movella with your video/trailer in this competition, please email the .mp4 files of your video(s) to the Community Manager at before the competition deadline! Thank you.


Here you can see an awesome example of spoken word performed by Annabelle Fern Praznik


The Prizes


All winners will have their spoken word video promoted on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube).


1st place  will receive The Spoken Word Workbook: Inspiration from Poets Who Teach


2nd place will receive a paperback copy of Word Warriors: 35 Women Leaders in the Spoken Word Revolution

3rd place will receive a copy of Take the Mic: The Art of Performance Poetry, Slam, and the Spoken Word





Open globally

Multiple entries allowed (limit - 3)

No co-author entries

You may not update your entry/movella once the competition deadline has passed.

You may not use the same movella in future competitions.

You may not use a movella that has already been published in other competitions.



The competition ends July 4th, 2016 (20:00 PST)


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