Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


1. Why Erotica?

This rant is about possibly the thing that bothers me most about movellas. What is the need for there to be erotica on a site that caters to mostly thirteen or fourteen year old girls (sometimes younger)?


I get the psychology of these, often young, and grossly inexperienced writers. Romance sells. You look at the amount of published books out there, and the amount of successful romance books greatly outweighs most other genres. They think, they'll take the romance one step further, make it into erotica, and voila, automatic success!


Wrong. So, so, so, wrong.


Let's consider two of the most popular writers of teen books out there. Meg Cabot (my personal favorite) and Stephenie Meyer. Meg Cabot, has to be, hands down, the best writer of teen fiction that I have read. And I have yet to read a single instance of anything resembling erotica in any of the books she wrote for teens. When she wrote for adults, she used a pseudonym.


And Stephenie Meyer, who wrote what many fan girls call 'the romance of this century' (yeah right), chose to skip right past the whole sex scene in her book. You have the blushing and the innocent kisses described in such detail, but that's it. She kept the age of the majority of her readers in mind. I love her for that!


Let's consider something here. Did these writers not write those scenes because they couldn't? Of course not. They're perfectly capable, and probably more. They chose not to. And what a wise decision.

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