<body id= "A new future; In a world where humans have robotic features and communicates in a code kind of format, a love story takes place"; /body>

Author's note

Vinder af Bedste Visuals i "Hvem er jeg?" LGBT+ konkurrencen

20. <SATURDAY; 09:35 PM; 2020 JUNE 26th>


“BEN”; [System status=Critical condition!]

<button onclick=Stabilize[]/button>

“BEN”; <call say="Okay I'll just tell you...">

<button onclick=”Speak()/button>

“ELI”; <call say="You can tell me everything. You can trust me">

<button onclick=”Speak()/button>

“BEN”; <call say="I'm gay. Like, I'm into guys">

<button onclick=”Speak()/button>

“ELI”; <call say="Ben, it's okay. I would never judge you!">

<button onclick=”Speak()/button>

“BEN”; [System status=Stabilising]

“ELI”; <call say="Nothing will change between us. You will still be my best friend.">

<button onclick=”Speak()/button>


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