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These are my Movellian besties. They are always there for me, and I will always be there for them. But if you are ever mean to them, I will kill you. Brutally. Even Steven Moffat won't be able to match the death of someone that hurts my friends.

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    Lapis Lazuli
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    Hi. I'm a 15 yr old American high school sophomore. I like to read and write and watch cartoons. You can call me Lapis or Mike. Tumblr: teamchaosprez Kik: fnaftrash YouTube: TeamChaosPrez Fanfiction:...   
    Prezanika Madison Luna Appleshine-Cipher. Her name is longer than that, but I don't wish to be typing all day. Prez is my eSister. As a real life only child, I really feel that Prez is the sister I never had. Love ya, Prezzie!
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    I am a trekkie, I am a jedi, a witch(Gryffindor.) I am a dauntless divergent, I am a demigod, pokemon gym leader, a pegusister, a grey warden, a Fairy tail marionette wizard, a DWA maester, a whovian,...   
    RainbowDashicorn is always on my nerves with her clingy fangirling! And that is exactly how I now that I have found my people, and she is one of them.
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    Bez Morgan
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    hello i am english and very tired   
    Florence is a terrific friend who always deals with me, even when I put off our co-authored books. She is a great author, and although we argue and bicker over our personal opinions, we care for each other. Dem1 is simply great.
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    Cygnus Hibala
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    Hey. Welcome to the Movellas page of this asinine dork here. *points at self* I am Cygnus, but you can just call me Cyg if ya want. I am a fifteen-year-old bisexual geek from Missississippi, and I wish...   
    Can I add myself? I think I can add myself. After all, the saying is, "We saved the best for last." I am fabulous. I have many Fandoms. I am married to David Tennant. I am always evading cleaning my room, which is dirtier than a trash dump...

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