People who are awesomesauce.

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^ basically ^

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    /Hold my breath and let it bury me/ 🙃 Lanna 🙃 I like bands Welcome!   
    You are my long lost sister. I think you and my brother got mixed up in the hospital.
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    Beautifully Music Nerd
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    *Community Ambassador* G- Goofball A- Awesome B- Beautiful B- Bright Y- Young Follow and I will follow back! Everyone who does is in my movellas family! Welcome! :) Accomplishments: 1. Best Cover...   
    I can't wait to write with you. (I'm sorry I suck at updating The Blind Date)
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    Horan Girl
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    Cammy is the name(: 1D and 5SOS are perfect. Just like you. :) 500 fans is the goal! I wish I had a cool accent. :( YouTube is amazing. Was: @cambamroxluvs1d and I was @Hemmings Girl but...   
    We need to talk more because I miss talking to you.