Two Faced

Do you believe in ghosts? Vengeful spirits of the dead that cannot rest in peace as long as they are avenged? No, I didn't believe in it either. But when a ghost possesses your body and makes you serve its purpose, you obviously have to start believing...


1. Prologue

How can a mother choose between her children?

To ask her to make exceptions is an insult to her divine love and profound affection towards her children. It is impossible for her to choose. Emma Lynch was a mother too. She was the mother of two beautiful baby girls - newborns - whom she had been so happy to have, and whom she would now have to choose between. 

The room was dark, but she could distinctly make out the silhouette of a tall man. It was her husband - the man responsible for the wrong she was just about to do.

"Be quick, Emma,' he growled, menacingly. "We want to get this job done before dawn."

She sobbed quietly, cradling her babies, wrapped in towels, in her arms. In a few minutes, one of them would be gone forever. She couldn't let this happen. These were her babies! How could she do something so cruel to them?

"Why, Arthur?" she pleaded. "Why do you want to do this?"

'We need to do this, Emma," he said, in what he expected to be a soothing voice. "It's our responsibility."

"Responsibility? It's nothing but cruelty!"

"Emma, it's your choice," he said. "You can either choose to obey me and do what I say or you can raise a bad-blooded demon."

Bad-blooded demon?

"She's our blood, Arthur! She's our child. We cannot do this. It's a sin!"

"It would be a sin to let her live."

She fixed her gaze upon her sleeping babies - Jade and Beth. He beautiful angels. But Arthur had just called Jade a bad-blooded demon!

"How can you even say that?" 

"Emma, try to understand. Her impure blood...that disgusting aura...I can see what you cannot. Jade has to be destroyed! If you let her live, you would only become an enemy of humanity."

An enemy of humanity?

"Please, Emma, understand. It's nothing to worry about. Demons like her are born every other day! The parents just have to recognize them and get rid of them before it's too late. It is our responsibility to destroy her."

She flinched every time he said 'destroy'. It sounded so harsh! Surely, Arthur wouldn't do something like this. Surely he was only joking. But even when she tried to believe it, she realised it was just a worthless wish. She knew her husband only too well - he would go to any lengths to do what his values and assumptions demanded of him. It was no good wishing that he would spare Jade. Even when he was giving her a choice, she knew that in the end, he would only do what he thought was right.

"It is okay, Emma. Once we are done with her, nobody will ever know she existed."

I will, thought Emma. And I will always have to live with my conscience.

"Please don't do this! She's just a baby!"

"We can't let her live, Emma. She would only grow up to become a demon."

"Why do you keep saying that? Angels and demons are not born on Earth, Arthur. It's just codswallop, and you are insane to believe it!" Emma bellowed, filling the empty room with echoes of her angry words. "Now you want my baby to suffer? You cannot do this."

'Oh yes?" he said, his voice becoming icy cold. "Try me."

She froze. Of course, it was just not possible to try to make him see sense. He was completely blinded by superstitions. And he would not listen to a word she said. He had made sure there was nobody in the mansion and every entrance was bolted. She couldn't run away. And there was no way she could resist him with newborns in her arms. She looked helplessly at her children. Jade and Beth, her twin babies, who were supposed to be brought up together as equals were now being separated even before they got to know each other. If Arthur did what he planned on doing, would Beth never know what had happened to her sister? It was too painful to think about.

Arthur smiled triumphantly when he noticed the look of defeat and surrender on her face. She had succumbed to his wish. There was nothing she could do but watch as he approached, lifted the bundle wrapped in towels that was Jade, and carried her away.

He paused only to say - "Don't worry, Emma. We will raise Beth like a princess. She will make us proud, with her angelic pure blood. We can rest assured of that, as long as this demon is not around her. And I will make sure that she is far, far away..."

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