Behind Closed Doors

Every kid believes that some sort of monster lives in their closet. But what if there really was?
A horror story about a small boy called Jack


1. Fear

Jack always knew there was something wrong with the six-foot, oaken wardrobe that stood in the corner of his room. It whispered to him, calling his name. It rocked violently back and forth for no apparent reason. It was definitely too dangerous to open. Jack refused to go to sleep with it in his room, for fear of something coming out of it in the middle of the night. So Jack had no idea why he decided to open it that horrible Saturday afternoon...

It had been his little brother's Christening. His Mum had asked Jack to go upstairs and put a suit on.

"You should have one in your wardrobe somewhere." she had said.    

"I'm not going in there !" Jack had shouted. When his mum asked why, he told her about his theory that the monsters lived in there.

"Stop making silly excuses and do as you are told," came the reply. It was no use. He would have to do it. He would have to go in the wardrobe.

Jack stared at the wooden wardrobe that stood in the corner of his room. He paced over to the wardrobe and cautiously creaked open the door...   

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