The Loner

I try to fit in. I do. I avoid all the bullies and teachers, but somehow they always find me. I am, and will always be...the loner.
This is my entry for the bullying comp.


1. The Fight- Danny

Loner. Gay. Freak.

He spat the words at me, grinning with delight as I winced in pain. My head slammed against the lockers, brain rattling and teeth grinding together. I swerved to the left, hoping to escape his grasp, but he blocked me with a kick to the shin.

“What do you think you are doing, Gay boy?” He sniggered, “back to that little dump you call home, eh?”

That was it.

I lurched forward and charged into him. We both fell to the floor, a bundle of fists and feet, taking up the whole corridor. Students fell back out of our way. Phones were whipped out and the never-ending chorus of ‘FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!’ rung in my ears. His trainers collided with my stomach and I swung my fist around to meet his face. It missed and met his chest instead, which came with better results. Doubling over, he seethed with anger, face squashed against the floor like jelly, features distorted and eyes bulging. “Don’t. Ever. Say. That.” I hissed, spitting out a wad of saliva that flew onto his forehead and slid across his face.

“Why? Did I hurt little Danny’s feelings?” He cooed, voice dripping with sarcasm. My eyebrows knitted together and I slid my arm around him. “Aw! Gay-boy wants a hug, t-“I attempted to put him in a headlock, but he was too fast for me. Grinning from all the attention, he dug his foot into my knee and there was a very unsatisfying click. The pain ran through me like lightning, burning my leg like it was on fire. Cursing, I slapped him round the face.

“Oh,” He said, and I regretted my last move instantly. “Danny’s using girl-moves now, is he?” His gang sniggered and I roared from the pain and humiliation that he was causing me. “You should have told me,” He carries on, “I would have lent you my ballet shoes.” Growling, I attempt to back off. The sooner I get away, the better. “Oh, Danny,” He puts on a girly voice, “Don’t go,” His voice darkens “We haven’t even started yet!” He has no idea. No idea how much I despise him and his pathetic bunch of cronies. The only reason they hang out with him is because they don’t want to become me. The Loner.

I was fine once. Had a good bunch of friends, understanding parents, caring teachers. Well that went down the drain, didn’t it? As soon as I went up into secondary school, my friends didn’t know me. I had a work-absorbed Mother, a missing Father and a bunch of pathetic excuses for teachers. All they ever do is sit on their butt all day, sipping coffee and smoking cigarettes when they think we aren’t looking. No wonder so many children are turning to bullying nowadays, I am surprised the whole population hasn’t resulted to bullying yet.

It’s then that I realise I am bleeding; Chris is standing over me, tall but weak. Thick red liquid is oozing out of my nostrils and I put a sleeve to my nose, trying to ease the pain.

“As I was saying,” He starts to boast, grinning at the girls and high-fiving the boys. “Let’s leave gay boy alone now, I think he needs some time to realise what a pathetic freak he is.” Chris walks off, deliberately standing on my knee as he leaves; the crowd running after him.

I lay there for what seems like forever. Perhaps I am a pathetic gay freak after all, it would explain a lot.

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