Pokemon: Erica

Erica has just recently turned ten, and like all children. Dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master. After receiving her first Pokemon, which her Mother gifted to her. She makes her way through the world of Pokemon with her best friends Alice and Sam. She must collect all the gym badges before she can come anywhere near to becoming a Pokemon Master.


2. Their First Pokemon

I said goodbye to my parents, there were some tears. And made my way to the Pokemon hospital where I was gonna meet Alice and Sam later. They were getting their first Pokemon from the Professor, I forgot his name. I skipped through the fields of long savannah like grass, with the sun rolling high, in the clear blue sky. Summer was the best time of the year, when everyone is happier. And when water is respected more for it's beauty. I'd give anything to swim for days on end without getting tired. Water type Pokemon are definitely my favourite, and then fire, and then air/flying. Eevee was trotting at my heels, keeping up without difficulty. Swishing her tail every other time her front foot padded against the shorter grass.


She looked up at me, and gave out a little noise of happiness, I hoped. Her long ears were flopping down a little bit, she looked so sweet. I stopped, and knelt down to her. Leaned forward, and she climbed onto my left shoulder. Sitting quite comfortably, I continued to the Pokemon hospital in town. I live on the outskirts of Celadon City, in the center of Kanto. I grasped the straps of my backpack, and began to skip again. With Eevee comfortably staying on my shoulder with ease, without using her claws. I could guess what Pokemon Alice was going to get, that was easy, Charmander. But Sam, I wasn't too sure. I knew he didn't want to get a fire type, but he couldn't make up his mind yesterday when we were talking. Well, he's got to make a decision today, or no Pokemon. Which would be upsetting.


I got into town after a while of walking, and waited outside of the hospital for the others to appear. Eevee hopped off my shoulder, and was exploring the area around her. Sniffing for new and exciting smells, she looked cute while doing this. Her tail was lifted in the air, and her ears pricked up in attention and understanding of her surroundings. But she was startled by a Bulbasaur that came out of the middle of nowhere. It made me jump too. She fled from the Pokemon and hid behind my legs, looking around them to see where the Bulbasaur was. The green Pokemon was the picked up, by Sam. He waved as he walked over, the Bulbasaur tilting it's head as it looked at Eevee. Sam came and stood next to me, "So you got a Bulbasaur? Cool," I watched the Bulbasaur being set on the grass lightly. "Yeah, I couldn't not choose it, it was almost laughing. Which I thought was cool."


"Yeah, good point. So where's Alice?" I looked around. Wondering where she was, "She was right behind me a moment ago." He shrugged, Alice is normally late anyway. "Boo!" "AHHH!" I screamed. I heard a familiar laugh come from behind me, Alice was almost wetting herself laughing. Her Charmander giggling too, like a child. "It's not funny!" I scolded. "No, it isn't funny, it's hilarious." She gave me a cheeky grin, and I stuck out my tongue. "So, what should we do first?" I asked. The other two both looked into the sky while think, I tapped my foot impatiently. "Lunch?" Alice suggested. "Why not, come on then. We can go to the roof of the shopping center." And we made our way away from the hospital and to the largest shop in Kanto, being six stories high.

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