Near Death's Door

This is a poem about an old man who's about to die. He's lived long enough, and his death is peaceful, as he waits happily to see his deceased grandparents, parents and wife.

Hey guys, I've entered this in a poetry competition! I really hope to win! :3 Wish me luck!


1. Time To Go

It shouldn't come as a surprise,

As my life flashes before my eyes,

Wondering what my memories will bring,

I open my eyes to a familiar ring...


I'm born, sitting in my mother's arm,

My blanket comfortably keeping me warm,

My dad asks my mum if I'm here,

When my mum says yes, I hear him cheer.


I'm four, not feeling any joy,

Crying over the remains of a broken toy,

My father's beside me, holding me tight,

Telling me it's going to be alright.


I'm seven, staring down at the handle bar,

Staring down at my bike, that honks like a car,

My parents are waiting at the end,

As I successfully ride my bike towards them.


I'm twenty nine now, infront of a girl,

With bracelets that jingle, and a necklace with pearls,

I'm holding in my hand, a ring for her collection,

Praying she will accept my hopeful love confession.


I'm in the hospital, hearing my wife's voice,

Over the phone, understanding why my father rejoiced,

A bouncing baby boy, my wonderful son,

Little did I know he'd be the only one.


At thirty nine, I'm hit by a car,

The full force pushing me very far,

I can't feel my legs, and blood mats my hair,

And I know I'll now have to sit in a wheelchair.


Fifty eight when my grandchild arrives,

My face lighting up with the joyful surprise,

A little girl, with a face cute and warm,

My Emily, my granddaugther, who shall never be harmed.


I'm eighty two now, lying in bed,

My pillow, underneath my bald, shiny head,

My eyes are closed, and in heaven I see,

My parents, standing there, waiting for me.


I watch down on earth as my family mourn,

The people I hate looking at my grave with scourn,

I miss my living family more than anything,

But I know I'll see them again, with what the future brings.

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