Not So Easy

Abbigale Steward is a problem child to say in the least. After her father died when she was three, her mother got caught up in drugs, and her own semi frekewent run-ins with the cops, she was beginning to believe the whole world was against her. Things got so bad she even considered drugs, and worse; suicide. She felt she had nothing left to live for. Until......she met Xavier, her budding romance, and Isaiah, a mysterious boy in her grade 9 history class.


1. Mom's Gone Again

   As usual, my mother wasn't home when the bus dropped me off. All the lights in the house were on, but the car her boyfriend, Doug, bought her was gone. I threw my bag into my room and started my round through the house turning off lights. When I was finished I moved to the stove and put some Mr.Noodles in a pot. Not my usual meal but once again mom had 'forgot' to go shopping so the food choices were down to spoiled milk, a can of sardines, an over sized tub of baked beans, and 5 packages of chicken Chinese noodles.

   I pulled out my phone and checked for missed calls. Nothing. Where is was mom? I put my phone away and fed my cat, Mufasa. Suddenly my phone rang.

   "Hello?" I said.

   "Hi sweetie! It's mom, sorry for the short notice but I'm going to be away for awhile with Doug. It's that ok?" She asked.

   "Well you haven't given me much choice!" I exclaimed angrily, "How long exactly is 'awhile'?!"

   "Oh don't be like that honey, it was a spur of the moment decision and it was very hard for me to leave you. I'll only be gone for a few weeks." She promised.

   "You were drunk when you decided to go weren't you?! And who is supposed to watch me?" I yelled

   "Only a little, I promise! And I'm sure you can stay alone for just a few weeks right?" She said.  

   "I'm only 15 mum! The last time you got drunk and left you were gone for six weeks and I was almost arrested!" I screamed.

   "Don't worry baby, it's not like last time." She murmured.

   I had struck a nerve and I knew it, I stayed silent for a few moments until I heard the line go dead. I shut my phone off and threw it in my room. I can't believe she did this to me again! Ever since she hooked up with Doug, he's been making my life miserable. I couldn't handle being in his house any longer. I grabbed my jacket and stormed out the door.


   The following days to pass were a blur. I woke up occasionally, but must of the time I was too drunk or high to know what I was doing. I passed out a lot and the morning hangovers really sucked. By the time I got home my head ache was gone but once again I was totally hammered. I just got to the couch before I blacked out. Sleeping for 3 days strait ironically didn't do anything for my mood. Bags continued to form under my eyes and I was still furious at my mother for ditching me to spent even more time with Doug.

   I mean, I don't care, me and my mom have never been close by any stretch. It just annoys me that she would rather hang out with some guy she just met than her own daughter. Although it didn't surprise me; most of the time she's intoxicated by a bunch of different things and doesn't know what shes doing. 

    Either way I had already missed 2 days of school and didn't need the police knocking at my door.  





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