Not So Easy

Abbigale Steward is a problem child to say in the least. After her father died when she was three, her mother got caught up in drugs, and her own semi frekewent run-ins with the cops, she was beginning to believe the whole world was against her. Things got so bad she even considered drugs, and worse; suicide. She felt she had nothing left to live for. Until......she met Xavier, her budding romance, and Isaiah, a mysterious boy in her grade 9 history class.


2. I Get A Date

   Slamming my locker shut I spun around and started for class. Turning the corner I collided with something...make that someone. Suddenly I found myself on the ground with books scattered around me.

   "I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed.

   Looking up I recognize Xavier from my language class. His muscular arms fully shown due to his light blue t-shirt. His dirty blonde hair spiked up with just a touch of hair gel. Needless to say, it was hard not to stare.

   "Don't be." He chuckled as he helped me up, "It was my fault."

   "Umm thanks." I said taking his hand.

   "Your Abigail right? Your in my language class?" he asked.

   "Ya I am, and you can call me Abby." I said smiling.

   "Well Abby, I'll see you soon, sit with me at lunch maybe?" he invited.

   "Sure, I'd like that." I murmured.

   With that he smiled and walked away. Did he just ask me on a date? My mind went racing trying to calculate what exactly just happened. How am I supposed to concentrate on class when all I can think about is lunch?!

   By the time the lunch bell rang my brain had gone into overdrive and petered out in a malfunction. I sat down at a table close to that back. Scanning the lunch crowd looking for Xavier. He's not usually late for anything. After ten minutes passed I decided to go looking for him. I do not enjoy being stood up, and believe me it's happened before.

   I looked in every class room holding extracurricular activities, the gymnasium, the front steps, and then I stumbled into the back pavilion and I saw him. Talking to...a tree? I sauntered over and stood behind Xavier.

   "Whatcha doooin?" I asked girlishly

   He jumped and turned around. His expression softened when he recognized me.

   "I'm so sorry about lunch but as hall monitor it's my job to control the riff-raff." he said apologetically, then he glared and pointed at the tree, "Like him!"

   "Woah! What did the tree do? Litter?" I joked.

   To my surprise the tree laughed.

   "Would you just get out of the tree!" Xavier yelled.

   I heard branches move but I still didn't see anyone. What's going on here? Who is this guy!

   "Will-You-Please-Come-Down-From-That-Tree." Xavier said trying to control his anger.

   "Dude, your talking to a tree. I've been standing here for at least five minutes now." Said a voice from behind me.

   I squeaked and spun around. The guy's dark brown hair falling over his eyes hiding half his face and he was wearing a dark charcoal, long sleeve shirt paired with shadowy jeans and combat boots. How did we not hear him get out of the tree?

   "You, how did you get out of that tree? How could you with out us seeing you!?" he whispered, then he seemed to remember I was standing beside him and he cleared him throat, "Umm, you have detention for a week after school-"

   "What for" the guy interjected.

   "Your charges: leaving school grounds without permission, climbing the schools trees, ditching class, missing entire days of school, walking the halls without a pass-"

   "Is there anything he hasn't none? I asked.

   This made the stranger chuckle, but Xavier rolled his eyes.

   "Not much we've been trying to catch this guy for months, each of these charges he's done many many times." he said exasperated.

   "Hey I don't want any trouble but aren't blowing this way out of proportion? Sure I cut class, missed a few days of school, and heaven forbid, climbed a tree. But it's not like I've killed anyone doing it!" the guy said smiling.

   That was pretty funny but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. 

   "Common, your going to the principals office." Xavier said pointing the the doors, "And no funny business!"

   The guy put his hand behind his back as a mocking joke and started walking into the school, Xavier walking close behind.








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