The Boy With The Irish Accent

*Post Note: the 1D boys are not famous*
Tanya and Brianne have always dreamed about going to school in England; It was their life's dream. So when they both got accepted to UAL, University of the Arts London, they were ecstatic. But when Tanya's luck takes a turn for the worst how will the girls over come the challenges. And who's sea green eyes stick in her mind every waking moment?


1. The Letter

   *I live in a boring town just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. On my street all of the houses are exactly the same. The only thing unique about my house is my room. Painted a light blue and plastered with horse posters plus the occasional framed portrait. I had to beg for two whole years to get it this way and even then I got lucky. This was one of the things on my 5 item wish list. One of the others is going to university with my best friend, Brianne. Little did I know, that it was about to come true.*

   School was over for the summer and looking in the mirror examining my light brown, layer hair, I couldn't understand why I didn't have a boyfriend. What was wrong with me? This was one of the few times I allowed myself to think this negatively. Every time I stared into my own hazel eyes and studied my slightly over sized nose, I couldn't help but feel self-conscious. I had only ever had one boyfriend and that was when I was 10 years old. It was pathetic.

   I turned around and turned my attention to the pile of mail on my dresser. I walked over and read them out loud to myself. "Letter...letter...letter...letter...NOT JUST ANY LETTER!"   

   I couldn't believe it! This is THE letter I have been waiting for, for months! This was the flipping letter that possibly guaranteed my future. I sat on my bed staring at it for a full 10 minutes. A loud sound from downstairs broke me away from my trance. When all was silent again I started staring at my pastel blue walls and flipped through my photo album I kept on my bedside table. All of a sudden my door burst open and ear piercing squeals filled the room. Brianne flung herself onto the bed and squished me in a big bear hug. Her blonde hair tickling my cheeks.

   "I got it! I got the letter!" she screamed jumping up and down on my bed, "And so did you!!! Why haven't you opened it?!"

   "Bree, w-why is yours so big?" I asked eyeing her envelope.

   She examined my letter and then handled her own, "I don't know, I haven't opened it yet." She confessed.

   "I didn't make it." I whispered, "You did, I didn't I wasn't good enough. I'm not going to see you ever again. You'll leave and find a new life and for-" Brianne cut me off from my rambling.

   "No Chika! Don't talk like that. You did make, you are good enough. They probably ran out of paper of something so they just emailed all the forms and stuff to your parents." She said staring into my eyes. 

   "Ok, on three, we'll open it together." I said, taking a deep breath, "One, Two, Three!"

   At that moment we both tore into our envelopes like children on Christmas morning. I instantly skimmed to letter, absorbing every single word written on the page. And finally I read the 16 beautiful words I have been dreaming about hearing my entire life.

   "We are pleased to inform you that your accepted to the University of the Arts London." I mumbled reading the last sentence out loud. "Omi-flipping-god! I made it! I actually made it!" I screamed jumping to my feet. Looking down at the expression on my BFF's face I knew she had too.

   Now it was my turn to crush the guts out of her in a monstrous hug and I did. I squeezed until I heard her squeak. Her deep blue eyes twinkled in delight. Then we started our super snoopy happy dance and burst into an intense fit of laughter.

   A round face poked into my room, "Would you keep it down! I'm online chatting nextdoor and I can't hear anything she's saying!" my little brother, Cody, yelled.

   "SHE?!" Bree and I squealed.

   "You have a girlfriend little man?" I asked excitedly.

   He smiled sheepishly, "Nah, she's just a friend from school." he muttered.

   "But, your video chatting her, which technically counts as your first date, and taking into account how much you usually hate girls, it means you really like this one." Bree said grinning.

   "Eeeeeeeew! You girls are gross! Just keep the noise down would you!" He said loudly and stormed off.

   "Wait! Cody! I have something to tell you!" I called.

   He appeared in the doorway again and rolled his eyes, "What do you want?" he asked, clearly annoyed.

   "I- I'm going away to university little bro, in England." I stated.

   His eyes went wide for a moment then he seemed to recover himself, "Oh, urm...good for you." he said tightly and ran down the hall into his room.

   "What was that about?" Brianne asked.

   "I don't know, I'll find out later, but right now we have to break this amazing news to our parents." 


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