Camp Half-Blood

Percy Jackson has returned from Olympus after giving Zeus back his Lightning Bolt. But that doesn't mean anything in Camp Half Blood, and it's back to training. But when a new arrival comes in, he is intrigued at their strangeness and he soon finds out, uniqueness.

*This is based on and after the first film, so excuse any mistakes. I'm going to read the books soon, I've wanted to for a while now.


1. Capture the Flag

"Percy!" I turned quickly to see Grover trotting up to me. I waved my sword, and watched him come over. "Hey Grover," he stood with his hands on his hips, and his head raised slightly. He smiled, "Have you heard?" he asked. He dug at the ground slightly with his hoof, I started to think. "Heard about what?" Before he could answer a horn echoed around the trees loudly, and Chiron walked past us and stood there for a moment. All of the other Demigods gathered around him, I stood at the back. "Doesn't matter, you're about to find out." He patted my back and walked closer to Chiron, I followed.


"Good morning Demigods!" he called to the large number of people standing to his attention. "We have a new addition to our camp today," I looked back at Grover, who was nodding at me. This must of been what he was talking about. Chiron waved someone to come over to him, after a moment of hesitation, a girl walked forward. She made herself small, obviously shy about being introduced to everyone. "This is Delilah. Is there a team willing to take her?" There was a moment of silence, and no-one filled it. Chiron pointed to the blue team, and she blended into the people there. She cautiously took the helmet someone handed her, and put it on her head. She folded her arms, and shrunk to the back of the crowd. "Now today. We are going to play capture the flag!" Everyone started to get excited, high fives were thrown and occasion cheers were called. "Now everyone get into position, first team to capture the opponent's flag, wins!"


Everyone suddenly scattered, the blues to the left and the reds to the right. I was in the blue team, which is a good thing. I wanted to keep an eye on Delilah, she seemed... Scared. "She arrived last night," Grover announced after joining me again. His hairy legs almost touching mine, "So who is she the daughter of?" Grover shrugged his shoulders and crossed his arms as we walked. "I don't know, no-one knows except Chiron, and he won't tell anyone. I'd better be off, good luck in the game!" he called as he left to join Chiron. Huh. Wonder why no-one knows, maybe just because she's a private person. I joined my team, and stood there for a moment before the horn blew.


The game seemed to drag on a bit, I was hiding behind a tree, looking for opponents. A rustle in the bush behind me startled me, I took out my sword and watched the bush. My eyes meet a pair of grey-blue eyes that I haven't seen before. Whether it was a red or blue member wasn't clear. I tilted my head, confused. "Come out!" I called, shaking slightly. No movement happened, the eyes just watching me intently. Suddenly a red member ran towards the bush, screaming with anticipation of a fight. I watched them, and side stepped behind the tree. Within the blink of an eye, a blue member rolled from the bush and locked their sword with theirs. For a moment, tension built as they both pushed. It was the red member that was victorious, they spun around and attacked them several times. Slashing their arms and legs. And then elbowed the blue member in the face. Knocking them to the floor. The red member took off their helmet, and threw it to the floor. And looked down to their opponent. I dashed from the tree, sword in my hand, defending the blue member. A few swings of my sword, a hard elbow in the face and ribs later they were unconscious on the floor.


I looked back to the blue member, who's helmet was still on. I knelt down to them, "Are you okay?" They didn't say anything, but did take off their helmet. It was Delilah, and she looked as shy as ever. She looked up at me, but didn't say anything, just thanking me with a look. It was then I noticed the severely large cut on her leg was bleeding very heavily. She was clutching just above it, trying to stop the circulation. I suddenly started to panic. "Delilah, quickly come with me." I stood up and held my hand out to her. She looked at my hand, and then into my eyes. She was really shy, I haven't heard her voice yet. "It's okay, I can heal your leg, I just need to take you to the river. You can trust me," I didn't know why she was so shy. But it gave her a kind of innocence to her, that I haven't seen in anyone else here. She picked up her helmet, and gently placed her hand in mine. I lifted her up, knowing that she was weak. Her wound was quite brutal. I let go of her hand, but she immediately fell. I caught her, and pulled her arm over my shoulder.


I led her to the river which was further than I thought. With every step, she grew weaker. She was gripped my shoulder very hard, her nails almost digging into my skin, but I let it pass my mind. She let go of me, and fell onto the rocks and peddles by the river. Her blood trickled down the stones and bled into the river. Her eyes were still open, but very weakly. I pulled her as close to the river as I could without getting wetter than moist. I knelt down next to her as she spun herself around her foot almost in the water. I gently placed my hand on her leg. She flinched, and held her leg away. She obviously didn't like me touching her. "Delilah, trust me." I looked into her eyes, which seemed to have grown in saturation of grey. Hesitantly, she released her leg from her grip, and let it come back to my hand. I summoned the water from the river. It slowly crept up her leg, which startled her, but she seemed intrigued. Her eyes followed the water as it swam to the other wounds on her arms and the one small cut on her right cheek. She felt her cheek as it became wet, she smiled, showing her white teeth. I was glad she was happy, since she's been here she's seemed sad and miserable.


"Thank you," she said. That was the first thing she had ever said, and I didn't quite catch the tone of her voice. She was trailing her index finger across the cut on her shirt, amazed at the water's abilities. It was then I noticed my hand was still on her thigh, I suddenly felt uncomfortable. But awkward enough to not know if I should take my hand back. She tucked a strand of her behind her ear. Her dark hair was tied back, but her fringe was slightly in her eyes. I was still thinking of the Gods she could be the offspring of, but none came to mind. None except Athena, but that didn't seem right.


A horn sounded in the distance, and screams of accomplishment withered through the trees. Delilah suddenly stood to her feet, maybe glad the game was over. Or just wondering what to do next. Her eyes scanned the forest, looking. But for what I wasn't sure. She turned back to me, and looked at me for a moment. She held out her hand to me, which was a surprise. She helped me to my feet, but didn't let go of my hand. Instead she leant in, and whispered into my ear. "Til next time, son of Poseidon." She smiled to me, and before I knew it, she was running through the forest like a stag.

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