It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


1. Chapter 1: "We'll be together forever right squishy?""Course we will boo, course"


“What do you mean we’re leaving?” Louisa said, her little 5 year innocence pouring out with every word she said, her dad Mark bent down facing her, he placed his hands on her shoulders and sighed, her mum Johannah was standing up and she walked out leaving Mark to explain, Louisa turned to her dad “Well?” He sighed again before looking into her eyes “Your mum and I haven’t worked out the way we wanted and me and you are moving” More tears pricked her eyes as a few stray ones slowly slid down her cheeks. Mark brushed them away before trying to give her a hug, she screamed and pulled away, before either of them could do anything another 5 year old bounced into the room, he was dressed as superman and was holding a carrot in one hand and a stick of cucumber in the other, he instantly saw Louisa’s pain and rushed over to her giving her a hug “Stop crying squishy-bear, I got you some cucumber” They pulled away slightly and he gave it to her, they giggled together as he ate his carrot and she munched away on the cucumber, Mark stood up and walked to the door “Louis won’t be coming with us though” Louisa started crying again and Louis held her tight as they rocked together, throughout their whole lives Louis and Louisa had been inseparable, not to mention the fact that they were twins, Louis being the oldest. They were always together, running around, causing trouble, helping out, bathing, play-fighting. They pulled away slowly, for 5 year old twins this was the most painful thing they had to go through, being torn apart from the hip. Louis took Louisa’s hand and smiled his gappy mouth at her, he had just lost one of his teeth and they had tried staying up to see the tooth fairy. “I don’t want you to go squishy-bear” She shook her head “Me neither boo-bear” They both tried holding back the tears but it didn’t work, the pair trundled up the stairs hand-in-hand to their room, they had bunk beds but they always stayed in the same bed to be closer to each other. Half of the stuff was gone, all the girly stuff, Louis walked over to his drawer and pulled out his favourite top, the one with peter pan and Wendy on, and he went over and gave it to her “You can have this” She shook her head and gave it back but he instantly declined it and pushed it back to her “I’m peter pan I can come and get it anytime but your Wendy and she can’t fly-“ Louisa interrupted him by shoving him slightly “I can to fly!” He shook his head “Cant!” “Can!” “Cant!” “Can!” Pretty soon Louisa and Louis were rushed around the room flapping their arms about pretending to fly, they were both laughing their little heads off, jumping off all the furniture and basically being the two troublemakers they were known as. “I love you squishy-bear” Louis said once they had both crashed on their bottom bunk, Louisa sat next to him and Louis moved so his head was in her lap “I love you too boo-bear” They both smiled at each other, silence filled the room for a few moments before Louis looked up at his perfect twin. “Will we see each other again?” More silence arose as they realised that they might never be able to hug each other again, play peter and Wendy, hold each other at night after having nightmares, and stop each other from crying and basically being there for each other. Louisa nodded as a few tears fell on Louis’ face; he brushed them off and sat up “Stop crying, your making my face get covered and it tastes horrible” Louisa poked her tongue out and he returned the gesture “So don’t taste them then” They both started laughing and Louis opened his arms, Louisa crawled into them and they slowly began rocking “We’ll be together forever right squishy?” “Course we will boo, course” “And when I’m older I can look after you and we can live together” Louisa nodded, leaning into Louis “Yeah and we can watch Peter Pan every day and all day” “Yeah and play board games till we fall asleep” They both nodded and smiled before holding each other tighter “I’ll miss you” “I’ll miss you too” 30 minutes later and Louisa was being helped into the car, she allowed her dad to help her get buckled in and the door shut, Mark began talking to Johannah whilst Louis did something that brought them to tears. He stepped forward to the door and placed his hand on the window, tears falling down his face as he looked through at Louisa, tears were going down hers as she raised her hand and placed it on Louis’ through the window. They gave each other a weak smile as the tears continued, Mark gave Louis a kiss but he refused to remove his hand from being so close to Louisa’s. Mark got in and began to start up, Johannah tried to pull Louis back but he shouted and tried to rush after the car as it sped off. Louisa held the peter pan top close to her heart, deep down inside she hoped she would see him again even for just a day, minute or second, she wanted her boo bear back just as much as he wanted his squishy bear back. Louisa turned around in her seat and looked out the back window, Louis was standing in the middle of the road watching her slowly drive off, he raised his hand and blew her a small kiss, she managed to blow one back before the car turned a corner and just like that Louis and Louisa were split up, Forever.  
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