It's Everything About Him

Floy is just an average 17 yea old girl, her friends gossip about their favorite band or singer "oh his new song came out, and She has a new boyfriend" Blah blah blah. So when her friend Christean says that there is a new band and Floy's brother Roan looks EXACTLY like one of the singers (Liam Payne), Floys interest in this new boy band deepens.

When the video finally loads on you tube and the song starts to play, Floys mother comes over and says "Why is Roan in a music video?" That settles it for Floy, Her brother has to meet this band and of course as it always happens in these story's she falls in love with the band.

A story seen through the eyes of main character Floy recounts how she managed to meet One Direction and it un-folded.


1. One Direction Infection

It had been almost a year since Christeen had told be about the boy that looked like my brother Roan. Then nobody at my school even knew what that bands name was or even what the super hot band mates names were! But by now almost every girl had One Direction Infection. In class if the teacher said " direction" or "one direction" all the girls would start giggling and all the boys would groan and once a teacher rolled her eyes and said
"Oh like the band?"
It was odd to know that teachers actually knew what we were giggling about. But the people who had the infection the worst were me and my group of friends except of course Summer, she still thought boys had couties.

So any way this will be a complet and honest truth about how I met One Direction with all it's amaZayn, briLiam, philnomiNiall , phabouLouis and extrodoniHarry details.
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