Kayla and her best friend Naomi are excited and beyond to be starting junior high. While Naomi is getting close to a boy in her math class, Kayla realizes she has a mysterious yet very hot stalker. Her world comes crashing down around her when she is kidnapped and finds out a shocking truth about her world. When it comes time to celebrate her sweet 16th birthday party she is forced to make a life changing decision. Both Tristan and Parker have been fighting for her heart but only one can win.


1. Parker

  Kayla missed her mom and dad. Ever since they had left for a two month vacation she had missed them. She was now staying with her uncle Ben and she got the feeling that her uncle wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of babysitting either.

  Ben is a lawyer who works for this big macho business firm. Lets just say that Kayla’s dad got the good looks of the family. Ben’s wardrobe consists of jet black suits, white shirts, and red ties, all sized XXXL. Plus, to make matters uglier, he’s completely bald.

  Looks aside, this dude can win a case. He has never ever lost one and he sometimes lets that get to his head. His obnoxious attitude toward Kayla and her friends made her dislike him and hate being around him.

  Kayla was now sitting on her bed with her neighbor, and best friend, Naomi. They both sported grey sweatpants and multi colored tank-tops. Naomi was searching Netflix for a movie we could watch on our last day of summer.

  Just a short 15 hours until our first day of junior high. Needless to say we were freaked, excited, and every single other emotion there is. Naomi was babbling about my new neighbor, Blake, and how much she hoped he was in her homeroom.

  She was the boy crazy one, unlike me. All of our friends said it was weird at how much we were opposite to each other, yet were joined at the hip most of the time. I do admit sometimes it was hard, but we always got through it and came back even better.

  “What about an entire Twilight marathon? I could really go for a shirtless Taylor Lautner right about now.” Naomi giggled.

  Kayla shivered at the thought, “That does sound yummy!”

  “We couldn’t possibly stay up all night, when we have school tomorrow morning” she sighs sarcastically while sticking out her bottom lip.

  I rolled my eyes, clicked play, and snuggled deeper into my white duvet. Allowing the downy feathers in my pillow to puff up on either side of my head and frizz my dark brown hair.

  “You look like a lion Kay” Naomi comments, following my lead and cuddling close to me.

  I led out a fake growl and we both laugh.


  I woke up to the beeping of her alarm.  Letting out a loud yawn, I rolled out of bed. As she started shuffling towards the bathroom she heard the unmistakable sound of broken glass. Glancing down she realized her laptop lay cracked and dented on the hardwood floor.

  I groaned and bent down to collect the glass that was now half embedded in my carpet.

  “What happened?” Naomi murmured and watched her through sleepy eyes.

  “We probably kicked it off the bed in our sleep.”

  “I blame Mr.Lautner for not taking off his shirt enough” Naomi muttered making me chuckle.

  An hour later we were both showered and dressed. Naomi wearing my new red denim jeans, paired with her tight fitting black blouse that showed off her speed bumps.

  I wore a comfy white tank top with a grey cardigan, paired with black skinny jeans and silver ballet flats. Simple, yet very flattering.

  After grabbing a quick bite of fruit loops and toast for breakfast, we headed out the door. Naomi had arranged plans to walk to school with Blake since it was his first day at Everwood High School.

  I watched as Blake exited his house and realized that someone was following him. I squinted against the glare of the morning sun and got a jolt of memory when I recognized who it was.

  “Is that?”

  “Yeah” I cut Naomi off



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   Madi: *walks up to Kayla* you wan't to know why? Cause he's a flipping messed up, phycotic freak, who wants to suck your brains out. Not that that's possible since you have none.

   Naomi: *blinks* Who are you? 

   Madi: 0.0 I am your father

   Kayla: My dad is a vacation

   Madi: Honey! I'm home! *runs up to Kayla and gives her a big slobbery kiss*

   Naomi: Somebody call the cops

   Madi: O__O YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE!!!! *runs screaming down the street*


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