Read and find out ;)


1. Chapter 1

"Shit." I mumbled  to myself as I tumbled towards the ground, dropping my books onto the ground, including many loose pieces of paper, and falling over. Someone had run into me, and I was too concerned at getting to my first class to even care if they did it on purpose or not. I just didn't want to cause a scene. I quickly started grabbing my books and paper, tucking my hair behind my ears because it was dangling in my face.

If you're thinking I am a nerd, please think again. I guess a side of me is pretty nerdy, like I love reading and old romance movies. But I don't wear glasses, I have a social life and I was pretty popular at my old school. I do get good grades and I care about school, I just don't go totally study and homework crazy - I have a good balance. 

It was my first day at my new school. I moved from Brisbane because of my dad's job. I really didn't want to move because of all my friends and because it is halfway through grade 10. I had just started crushing on this boy, Kyle, but it didn't go anywhere. My little selfish-inner-voice was telling me that Kyle had a bit of a crush on me and to convince my dad to stay. I knew better than to listen to that voice.

I'm 15 by the way, the normal age for a grade 10er. I have dark brown eyes, so dark sometimes that people think they are black wich for some reason makes me super angry. I have dark brown hair that has a redish tint to it. I'm not a ranga. It's like redy-brown hair.... if you catch my drift. I am average height, maybe a little bit too short but I don't really mind. My skin is nice and tanned, something I really like about myself.

Anyways back to the story, now that you have a general idea of me...

As I'm picking up my books and paper, I notice another pair of hands helping me. It's a guy, and he is really good looking. He's one of those boys that you would walk past at the shops and then do a double take. That kind of hotness. I just stop and look at him. I can feel myself tensing up, because it's my first day and I guess you could say I am a bit of a loser.






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