The Fame Project - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction - Sequel To TMABP

School's ended. Louis and the boys are in a worldwide famous boy band while Rosie is stuck in a rundown flat, studying at college in London. Things couldn't have ended more differently for the two. And things didn't end on the best note either...


1. The Fame Project


Chapter 1:

The Fame Project


Well, what words do I have to describe the past two years? Horrible.

I don't think I ever expected it to be this hard. I think back on how easy I had it in school and all the complaining I did. I was such an idiot.

Now I'm twenty years old and studying in a barely known college in South London. I haven't gotten anywhere in life and I've completely separated from my family apart from a few phone calls with Tyler.

Hallie is still in Ireland. She's studying to be a marine biologist and so far she's doing great. I'm not as close to her as I used to be but I guess it's something to Skype her at times.

Mackenzie is in Australia. She's living the life. She works at an animal rescue shelter in Sydney and gets to look after puppies, kittens and everything cute day in, day out.

Meg and I are still pretty close. She lives in Manchester though so I don't get to see her very often. Still it's better than nothing. She comes to visit me every couple of weeks and we usually have a great time. I guess we out our past behind us.

Now for the surprising part. Delilah is gay. Yeah I had no idea either. It turns out Christina and her were a little closer than I thought. They're living together now and happily in a relationship. I haven't spoken a word to either of them. I never forgave Delilah for what she did to me and I'm positive I never will.

Finally, you're probably all dying to know how it turned out with Louis and I right? There is no Louis and I. The last time I saw him was the day after the big show. The five boys were signed to Syco like I'd dreamed of and were flown to Los Angeles that day. Louis gave me no goodbye. No explanations as to how long he would be gone or what even exactly was going to happen. Absolutely nothing.

I had to find out from the media. All I would see was their faces plastered over girl's walls, billboards, CDs, DVDs. You name it.

It was hard for me to say the least. They were living the dream and I was doing something I never wanted.

Of course I tried my hardest to get acting, singing and performing jobs but the most that was happening for me was I was doing a gig to the most of ten people.

I decided to give up. Concentrate on my studies to become a drama teacher. It's the closest I would get anyway.

That didn't stop how miserable I was though.

I guess the only happy thing in my life at the moment is my boyfriend. Zach has been amazing. We've been together for six months and he's the only light at the end of my tunnel. He's too good for me if I'm honest.

But for some reason he chooses to stay with me.

"Good morning love," I felt Zach kiss my cheek as I stretched out my arms and opened my sleep-filled eyes. "I brought you some breakfast." I looked down and saw a plate of French toast and a mug of tea on my side table.

I had stayed the night in his flat last night as we had come home late from dinner. "Aww thanks babe." I sat up straight in the bed as he took a seat next to me.

"So what are you up to today?" He asked curiously as he took a bite out of my toast. I smacked his arm away and took a bite myself.

"Oh just the boring usual. Coffee, classes, study, lunch, more study, check for jobs, stuff like that." I listed off my boring daily agenda while I counted on my fingers. I ran my fingers through my deep brown hair as I tried to sweep it out of my face. "What's going on on your Monday schedule?"

Yep, I did dye my hair back to its natural colour. Don't be so shocked! I'm twenty years old, I've matured...well not really. Actually I'm sure I've gotten worse.

"We've got some boy band coming to the radio station. I have to be in early as apparently girls go crazy over these guys. It's like Radio 1 is asking for trouble." Zach stood up, walking over to his wardrobe searching for some clothes as I grabbed my outfit from yesterday off his dresser.

"Really? Well at least that's pretty exciting. I'm sure Karmen's going crazy. She loves all those boy bands." I recalled thinking of my best friend Karmen who's a DJ at Radio 1.

"She is. You know Karmen. She's always crazy anyway." Zach laughed as he pulled a shirt and jeans from his wardrobe. "Hey, you should call into the studio later. Come see us."

"Oh I don't know. I have so much work to get through for these exams." I moaned as I lifted a pile of crumbled papers off the ground and shoved them into my satchel.

"Just take a day off. Just for one day. Please?" Zach begged as he put on a pair of puppy dog eyes. I couldn't help but fall for him even more every time he did that.

"Fine. But I'm not staying long Zach! An hour is all you get. I swear if I'm late, it's on your head." I warned him as I began changing into my red skinny jeans and a navy flowy tank top.

"Don't pretend like you don't want to go babe, I know you. Are you telling me you'd rather go to some smelly college lecture about 'teaching the art of dramatics'?" Zach said the last part as he held his hand to his head, probably trying to look dramatic.

"I never said that. What I said is I've got exams coming up that'll help me get a job." I stuck my tongue out at him and headed to the bathroom where I applied some light make up and did my hair.

I've certainly changed since high school.

I'm no longer the stupid, senseless slut I used to be. I actually wear proper clothes now. I guess you could say I've smartened up a lot too. High school are the days I've long put behind me.

I don't miss Louis. That's in all honesty. I don't miss him. He chose to hurt me again and I've had enough of it. I have a boyfriend who I love now and nothing else matters. I'm just angry at Lou for leaving without saying anything to me.

"Come on, we're going to be late Rosie! The show starts at twelve and I have to be there early!" Zach shouted from inside the car as I tried to lock the door of the flat.

"Calm your tits Zach, I'm coming you big nut." I teased as I jumped into his car. I wrapped my jacket further around myself to try and keep the heat in. I never liked November. I feel like it only shoves Christmas further away.

Zach interlocked his fingers with mine when I had made myself comfortable and we set off. I always liked visiting Radio 1. Of course I would like to be the one going to be interviewed but I don't see that happening anymore...

As we pulled into the car park, I noticed there were nearly a hundred girls screaming outside the building. "Who did you say is coming today?" I asked completely confused as I stared at the teenage girls wrestling each other to the ground.

"I can't remember the name of them myself to be honest." Zach scratched the back of his neck before climbing out of the car and slamming the door. "I guess we'll have to wait and see." Zach shot me a wink before grabbing my hand again and leading me inside.

"I don't want you falling for any of these guys though." The tall, dark and handsome Zach said in a joking manner although I could tell he was slightly serious.

"Says the one who gets to spend some of his mornings with some of the most gorgeous women in show business." I replied sarcastically as I resisted the urge to scoff at him.

"Hey you know I'd never look at another girl but you, you know that right?" He lifted my chin up to look him in the eyes. I nodded uncertainly and he pecked my lips lightly. "Now come on, I'm sure Karmen is going insane now that she knows your here."

As we walked down the halls leading to the actual studio, I could hear the broadcasts around the building so I decided to listen in.

"Good morning everyone! It's your favourite radio DJ Karmen Raein Johnson here! Today we have a very special surprise for you all that I'm especially excited about so stay tuned!" Karmen's usually bubbly voice echoed throughout the building and I rolled my eyes at how hyper she sounded.

Finally we reached the doorway where I could see her through a glass window talking to probably one of the producers. Zach was a producer here too. He barely ever went in air, only when someone was sick which he hated.

As soon as she spotted me, her face lit up. I immediately waved at her with a massive grin which she soon returned. She signalled to the person in front of her that she would be back in one minute and then ran out to me, squashing me in a bear hug.

I always wind up with the most beautiful friends which I probably shouldn't as it only makes me feel more insecure with myself. Karmen has light brown hair but she dip dyed the ends last year purple, pink and blue. It really suits her and I guess she chose to keep it. Her eyes are a beautiful colour too, they're a jade sort of shade. She also has this really cute dimple on her left cheek that appears when she smiles.

"Rosie! I haven't seen you in forever! Zach said you were coming down but I didn't believe him. You're never going to guess who I'm interviewing today! You're gonna die!" Karmen rambled on and on as I stood there waiting for her to explain.

"I'm not here for long though, I have to be at a lecture in an hour." I told her and watched as a disappointed look appear on her face.

"An hour should be enough anyway. They should be here any minute. I think they're coming through the back entrance. Oh my god I'm so excited. Stay calm Karmen, stay calm you have to act professional!" Karmen then started talking to herself but I quickly stopped her.

"Karmen! Who are you talking about?" I asked, utterly confused as I continued to hear the girl's screams from outside.

"Oh One Direction silly! Didn't Zach tell you?" That's it I'm leaving.

No way am I even looking at him let alone sit in the same room as him while he's being interviewed. Not a chance.

"No he didn't." I couldn't exactly blame either of them. I never mentioned me knowing Louis or the boys. I tend to keep my past a secret a lot don't I? "Sorry Karmen but I have to go. I just remembered I uhm...have a class I forgot about. Sorry bye!" I basically sprinted out of the studio and tried to look as casual as possible as I speed walked down the hall leaving both Zach and Karmen without any reason as to why I didn't want to be there.

I kept running until I just about slammed into a very tall person. I paused in my tracks a apologising at least one hundred times as I brushed myself off. "I'm so sorry!"

"It's fine, don't worry abou-" the stranger paused as he saw my face and so did I.

"Rosie?" A huge smile spread across the blonde boys face as he fixed himself. "Wow it's you! It's been so long! How have you been?"

I was completely speechless. I didn't say anything as I knew if Niall was here then Louis must be near.

"I...I...Hi." I replied in a stutter as I ran my fingers through my hair which immediately brought Niall's attention to it.

"Your hair! It's brown!"

"Yeah it is." I chuckled nervously as I tried to find the right words but he beat me to it.

"Louis' gonna go insane! He's gonna be so happy to see you!"

"So he's here then?" I asked hoping the answer was no.

"Of course he is. One Direction always travel in five." He laughed at himself before pulling me into a hug.

"I missed you Rosie. I can only take so much of the boys at once you know? So what have you been up to the last two years then?" He asked as he released me.

"Oh you know just college and stuff. Life's great." I lied. Oh my god I'm lying again. You can't do this again Rosie.

"Sounds good. Do you work here?"

"No actually my boyfriend does," I saw Niall tense up as soon as I mentioned that. "He's a producer here, my best friend Karmen is interviewing you." I kept a fake smile on my face as I spoke.

"That's...great Rosie. Well Louis will be happy to see you, all the boys will." Great now I have to go back.

At that moment, I heard the four familiar voice shouting from around the corner. "Louis get off me! I'm not your camel!" Harry's definitely deepened voice boomed as he tried to hold back laughter.

"Aww look at Larry Stylinson fighting! We can't have that now can we Liam?" Zayn stated sarcastically.

"But Hazza my legs are tired!" The moment I heard Louis, every memory from high school suddenly came back to me. I had tried to forget them but now here we go again.

The four boys then stumbled around the corner, Louis struggling on Harry's back, Zayn running his hand through his raised quiff and Liam on his phone.

Louis practically fell off Harry's back onto his head as soon as he saw me. I myself nearly collapsed.

"Rosie!" The other three boys exclaimed as they ran over to me, embracing me in a group hug.

I struggled for air as they practically squeezed the life out of me. "Lads, let go of her." Louis spoke sounding seriously unimpressed. The three boys immediately jumped off me at Louis' command and then stood around me.

"Your hair!" Harry exclaimed holding up a piece of my long, brown wavy hair in his hand. "It's brown."

"Well it is her natural colour Haz." Louis stated matter of factly. Who put his knickers in a twist? Does he think I want to see him?

I decided to ignore Louis as he was already annoying me. "I guess I just had enough of dying my hair bright red every couple of months so yeah." I explained as I examined my hair.

"I don't know why you ever changed it." Liam smiled at me but then checked his phone. "We're gonna be late if we don't hurry."

"Yeah he's right we better go. Well bye Rosie!" Louis waved as he started walking as fast as he could in the wrong direction.

"Ok Louis, 1; I'm staying for the interview. My boyfriend is the producer of the show and 2; you're going the completely wrong way." I tried to put extra emphasis on the word boyfriend just to annoy him.

I guess we're back to square one. It's like we're back at school all over again.

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