Wolf Boy

We all know that Jacob and Bella are long time friends. Jacob wants to be more than that. Bella does too. So why can't their undying love flourish? The answer is simple. Edward.

He has also been watching Bella since she was a young little girl, without anyone knowing. He teased her and entrigued her until she had no choice but to fall for him too. Now the time has finally come. Bella has finally a agreed to marry Edward and he entends to hold her to it.

Jacob, on the other hand will, will do anything in his power to stop the love of his life from selling her soul to the devil. Who knew werewolves had the ability to change humans as well?

What if Bella has some secrets of her own? What if she truly doesn't want either of them? I promise this story will be full of 'what if's'.

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1. Intro


Welcome to 'Wolf Boy'!

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