I'm sorry ma'am - Alice and Jasper

It's a Jalice fanfaiction..
It's about how Alice and Jasper meet each other.
Let me know if you like it. - Please.
One short - I think. Don't know it yet.


1. I'm sorry ma'am.


I saw him again. It was the third time this week. He was sitting on a bar stool in a café, in Philadelphia with me opposite him, on another bar stool. He was holding my hand gently. His hair was blond and was a bit rumpled. I couldn’t see his face because of the hair, but I knew that he was smiling to me, and that I was totally happy like never before. I needed to find him. No, I must find him before I could live. Look in to the future is normally not a thing, I would like to do all the time, but if it’s about him, I would like to see it the rest of my life.

I slowly came back to real life after my vision about him. My short, black hair was rumpled, but my hair was still every way, I liked it to be. The bed I was sitting on, was a bit hard and my feet couldn’t touch the ground. I wasn’t especially bloodthirsty right now. Not after him. He made everything in the world so lovely for me, but I knew that, he didn’t even know that I exists. After I had seen him in one of my visions, my life seems so void, lonely.

It was night right now, but vampires can’t sleep, so the 720 minutes where a human would like to sleep, could feel like years for me sometimes.  I couldn’t sleep, but I could eat. Blood. Human blood. Some drunken men there were half dead anyway, was what I ate. I knew how people would find them, but I made it look like it was an attack and not a vampire. Humans mustn’t know that we exist. But now I would find him, the man of my visions. I knew we were made for each other.

I jumped down from the bed and put on some new clothes on. A little cute, blue dress. A bit old, but I was in love with it. I was in love with clothes. I love fashion and when you live forever, there are a lot of clothes and styles to love. I ran over to the window and jumped out and started to run. I traveled at the speed of light.

After some days I was in Philadelphia and I had found the café of my visions. The café was a bit dead, there weren’t many humans in it. There were three people or something, easy for a vampire to persevere.

I was just sitting on the bar stool and waited. Waited for him to come here. So I could be with him. Sometimes I was talking with the waitress, just so the time could go faster, but it didn’t.  The time was going so slowly, that it sometimes was like it wasn’t going.
I was lonely, and the only thing I felt was a big emptiness. After some days, where I just was there to wait for him, I started to get a bit afraid. What if he didn’t come here? Or I was too late? Or maybe I was just crazy? Can a vampire go crazy? If they can, then I must be crazy. I couldn’t cry, but it feels like my whole body tried so badly to cry it all out. The emptiness inside me was so big, that I couldn’t feel anything else.

I looked around slowly. An old man and his wife was eating dinner and the waitress was talking loud with a boy, he must be her boyfriend. They talk about me.  Not evil stuff, they were just worried about me. They were sure, that I couldn’t hear it, but I could. The clock was ticking and it was raining outside. Every day I smiled, but not today. I couldn’t, I was too afraid. In my visions should he have been here right now, but he wasn’t here.

The little bell chimed when the door opened and he came in. His hair was a bit wet because of the rain and his eyes were dark, because he was hungry.

A big smile was now on my face and I jumped down from the bar stool and went over to him. He looked at me a bit confused.

“You’ve kept me waiting for a long time”, I said and smiled to him.

“I’m sorry, ma’am”, He said like a real gentleman.

I handed my hand forward and he took it. We were meant to be.

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