One Direction Minus One

Louis is dead. Suicide. Harry misses his friend and his "bromance". Feeling broken and confused, Harry goes to the farthest limits to find out why Louis killed himself with the help of the other lads. Was Harry just another complication in Louis's life that he felt such a strong need to get away from? The most important question is: Will One Direction still be together with one of their "brothers" gone?


1. Finding the Body

Harry's POV

I really needed the toilet. Louis had been in the washroom for hours. The bath was running. I got worried.

"Boys?" I called.

Liam came running followed by Niall and Zayn.

"Help me break down the door," I said. "Louis has been in there for ages and I need the toilet."

"Okay Harry," said Niall.

We all ran at the door. Once: nothing. Twice: still nothing. Three times: the door swings open. We all fall. Niall is the first one up.

"Louis?" he calls as he walks in.

Niall quickly halts and starts to cry.

"What's wrong, Niall?" I asked.

"I wouldn't use this toilet if I were you," sobbed Niall.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Look at Lou," sobbed Niall.

I walked over to the tub for a quick look.

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