Simple Complications

The world famous pop sensations Niall Horan and Zayn Malik's lifes are about to be turned upside down, as two girls from different worlds walk straight into their perfect life's. Nana, who's an average 16 years old girl, makes Niall fall head over heels in love with her - but what if Nana's not ready for the commitment yet? And what about the Emily, that Zayn helped out one night, and now lives on his couch?
But most important, what happens when they get into some ''simple complications'' ?


1. Prologue

Hi everyone!

I'm back with another story, well...
I hope that I'll be able to keep this up, like with Passion, and Passion '2. 
The only difference is that I'm not the only author on this story.
My friend,  Nana MN, will write as well. 
I'll just explain how it is gonna work, just so you don't get stuff mixed up. 
The story is about One Direction, of course.
But the main characters are
Niall James Horan, 
Nana Juliet Reynolds,
Zayn Jawaad Malik
Emily Amanda Wesley.
Every time I (Bradfordbadgirl) post a chapter, I will write:
"- Zaily", 
and every time Nana MN, posts a chapter, she will write:

I hope that you'll like the story. 
I love you,
like really... I can't believe how lucky I am to have readers like you. 
I'm forever thankful. 
- Woah, sounded like a VMA's speech, which it wasn't meant to. 
Cause I'm not a celebrity. 

Mwuah :)xx 

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