The Hogwarts Newcomers

This is for the CROSSOVER COMPETITION! Sorry, did that in capitals because I'm really excited for this competition, even if I don't win. After all, its the taking part that counts and I hope you enjoy my fan-fiction!(: Gonna have a fun time writing it. Anyway, this is set in Hogwarts and the Wizarding world surrounding it, but the characters from the Hunger Games come to Hogwarts also, along with some Capitol members that haven't been mentioned before, so I've made them up.

NOTE: I know some of the characters used in this fanfiction are dead ( *le cries* )in the actual books/films etc, but I've bought them to life again in this fanfiction okok I'm an experienced wizard.

Enjoy, PLEASE like and favourite and comment. It would really help me!:3


2. Newcomers Welcome

Hermione paced up and down the common room which was alive with excited talk, her bushy brown hair practically crackling with excitement. She had the talking homework planner she'd bought for Ron and Harry a while ago and flipped to the note page, finally settling down onto an armchair next to her two friends.

"Let's make a LESSON PLAN." She wrote this in huge letters and a voice suddenly boomed from the pages; "Someone's got something very important to do! Why not get your friends involved?"

Harry and Ron's eyes widened and they tried to slowly back out of the room without being noticed but it was impossible with everyone filing quickly through the hole where the Fat Lady portrait had once been. They were always getting roped into Hermione's plans and events, and the latest one apparently was designing a lesson plan for the new Muggles. It couldn't be as bad as S.P.E.W though, could it?

"I reckon we should start with something simple," Hermione mused, not noticing as her pen flew around her head as she left it too long in the ink bottle. It splattered Ron and a few other Gryffindors with a deep blue stain, and as some landed on Harry's hand he was reminded painfully of Umbridge's detentions. She was a sick, twisted, teacher- possibly even worse than Professor Snape. But she'd gone now and the scars that Harry had thought would be imprinted on him forever (just like the scar on his forehead) were gone.

"Ron? Harry?" Hermione shoved them with her foot and slammed the homework planner onto the desk defiantly. "Do you want to be involved with the newcomers? Do you not even want to help them? Especially you Ron!"

He shot up, looking quite affronted. "Why especially me?"

"Because," Hermione sighed as though it was obvious, "Your father works at the Ministry of Magic at the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts and has an obsession with Muggles."

She added quickly before Ron could fly off the handle, "And I mean that in the nicest possible way Ron. Its not an unhealthy obsession or anything! After all, its his job and if I was a full Muggle I suppose I would be very interested in wizards and witches and trolls and giants and squibs, and vice versa."

Ron wasn't really listening. A silence had fell over the common room without the three friends noticing, and everyone was staring at Hermione with an amused expression. She opened her mouth to speak and then slowly looked up to see Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall standing in the doorway of the Gryffindor common room. Dumbledore was thoughtfully twiddling his long white beard round his fingers and McGonagall had her lips in a firm, straight line and her arms crossed.

"Miss Granger. When you have finished your conversation, would you kindly pay some respect to the Headmaster and I?"

Hermione flushed and nodded, hiding slightly behind her hair which was frizzing up in the heat of the common room. The heat had been generated by the excited energy which had fuelled the whole of Gryffindor and presumably the other houses too. Apart from Draco Malfoy of course and everyone who hated Muggles and 'Mudbloods' who were probably vomiting in the school toilets.

"Gryffindor, I would like you all to come down to the Hall immediately. It seems our guests have decided to come a day early." He laughed slightly. "I want you to give them a very warm welcome as I'm sure they will give you. Remember that they're going to teach you Muggle ways of life in return for your good deeds. Thank you, Gryffindor."

They all lined up behind Professor McGonagall, the colour fading slightly from Hermione's cheeks, even though she was still fanning her face with her hand whenever she thought of the memory.

"How embarrassing!" She hissed under her breath when she was sure the teacher was out of earshot. "I didn't even know she was there! What if she thought I was being deliberately rude to her? Oh gosh I bet she hates me now, oh gosh..."

"Hermione, chill out!" Fred and George had caught up with Ron, Harry and Hermione.

"Hey!" Harry called. He hadn't spoken to Fred and George for a while and it seemed as though they had grown even taller, and possibly more ginger.

"Hello Harry!" they said cheerfully. They seemed to be thinking the same as him because George said "Long time no see!" Harry was slightly distracted though, to see Fred fiddling with some selotape on a brown parcel. In the end he mouthed a few words, and struck his wand at it, and the brown paper fell away into nothing. 

"See Hermione?" He grinned, holding a box of orange cloud-shaped...things. That was the best way Harry could describe them, since some of them were bending and bouncing rhythmically and others were breathing slowly and floating around the box. The top of the lid bore the glittering words 'Fred and George Weasley- Calming Clouds."

"NO way," Hermione said, still following the line of people down the stone steps and towards the Great Hall. "No offence Fred, George, but your joke sweets aren't always exactly right, are they? I'll probably end up dozing off in the middle of the speeches or something and make McGonagall hate me even more than she already does!" Her face had flushed bright red again.

It seemed Fred and George couldn't be bothered to argue with Hermione, so they turned to Harry and Ron instead, who politely declined. They'd gone up and down the whole line offering the sweets to Gryffindors, until McGonagall spotted them and confiscated them swiftly. Hermione seemed satisfied until Fred swished his wand and another box duplicated before their very eyes.

Then they arrived at the Great Hall, which was already in a hushed silence. Everybody was staring in awe at the 3 teenage Muggles standing awkwardly at the top of the Hall, by the teachers table. They were Katniss Everdeen (a pretty girl with her hair in a long braid), Peeta Mellark (a handsome boy with a mop of blonde hair) and Gale Hawthorne (an equally handsome guy with a bush of brown hair and muscles rippling inside a plain white t-shirt.) Next to them stood some of the most eccentric looking people, a woman with bright blue hair and glittery pink skin, a man with silver hair and gold teeth and then a man who looked quite drunk at the end of the line. His hair was ratty and he looked as though he'd rather be sleeping than be here.

"Hogwarts." boomed Dumbledore. "Welcome, our newcomers."

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