They're gay.

Louis Tomlinson is in love with his band mate Harry Styles. Their bromance was named 'Larry Stylinson'. What happens when Louis tells Harry he likes him more than a friend?!


1. Chapter 1

Louis' Pov-

I may say 'Larry Stylinson is Bull Shit!' but I only say that cause I don't want public to know I'm gay, or the guys. That's the thing that has NOT come clean; me being gay. I'm afraid to tell them. What if they begin to hate me?! I know Harry's NOT gay so he'll definitely shun me! So I keep it a secret. Eleanor is the only one who knows I'm gay. She's just a cover-up. Yeah sure I make it look real. Cause I imagine it's Harry I'm having the relationship with!

"Hey guys! I have something to say. My house 15 minutes." I say into the phone as we talk in a 5 way!

"Okay. Must be BIG news then!" Harry said. I could picture him smiling. Slowly seducing me... Snap outta it Louis!

"Alright man see ya there!" Zayn said and hung up.

Everyone hung up shortly after. 'How am I supposed to tell them?! I'm scared!' Is all that ran through my head. "You can do it Louis!" Eleanor said as she entered my house. She knew I was going to tell them today. "Nice to see you too El!" I say sarcastically. She sits herself on the couch and turns the t.v. on. "How am I supposed to tell them Eleanor?!" I ask. "Just sit them down have a normal conversation. Then when they ask why you invited them... Take a deep breath; say it slowly. And boom you're done! They'll still be your friend Lou. Don't worry they love you!" She said with a smile. "Right!" I said glancing over to the clock.

The whole 15 minutes passed everyone was here. They all sat around the couch. "Okay guys. So what's up with you all?!" I ask. 

"Oh just hangin' with Perrie!" Zayn replied.

"Eating.." Niall replies.

"Playing guitar. Nothing special.." Liam said slouching now.

"Just hanging with Taylor. Even if we aren't dating!" Harry relied. 

"What about you?!" Zayn asked..

"Oh just hanging with El. The usual!" I say with a grin. 

I really just wanted to run up to my room and hid under the bed! Eleanor started talking. I didn't pay any attention cause I was distracted by Harry and his glossy looks! Yeah I'm REALLY gay! I don't care! It's who I am. I'm proud of who I am!

"So Boo Bear! Why'd you invite us here?!" Harry asked. Boo Bear?! He's killing me. I took a deep breath.

"Okay guys. I've been hiding something," I say, Eleanor nodding her head. "I'm not going out with El she's a cover-up! The truth is.... I'm gay and I have a soft spot for....Harry!"

As soon as I say that Harry gets up and walks out of the house. Niall looked at me and ran after Harry. Liam patted my back and left so did Zayn. 
"I told you they'd hate me..." I mumble to Eleanor.

"He just needs time to think about it Lou. You just came out and said that. Give it time. He'll talk to you soon." Eleanor said rubbing my back in a circle. She kissed my cheek and left.

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