The Twilight Games

Ever wondered what it would be like if the Twilight characters were put into the Annual Hunger Games...Against each other? In this Movella, you get the romance and action of both Twilight and The Hunger Games, all told from the perspective of Edward Cullen!


1. A Nightmare

It's 3:00 A.M. when I see Renesmee, stirring in her bed. She screams out and moans, kicking her legs and clenching her fists. She's sweating and ruffling all the blankets. I can hear her thoughts.

Please! No please don't hurt me! Get away, get away! Help! Help! I can't.. I can't brea-

"Renesmee! Nessie wake up! Baby it's okay, it was just a dream." I cooed, cradling her small body in my arms. 

"It was us, daddy. The reaping.. we were chosen. Our family was chosen." The tears streamed down her warm cheeks and soaked my shoulder. She pressed her body to mine, and I held her tight to let her know that the dream was over and that we would be okay. When she was finished crying I wiped her eyes with my thumbs and kissed her soft forehead. 

"No matter what happens, just know that I will always be there for you, and I will always protect you. I love you very much baby, and I would never let anything happen to you. You mean the world to your mother and I." She looked up and smiled, showing off her half-vampire canines. I hugged her one last time before laying her back down and tucking her back into her bright purple blankets. 

"Now, go back to sleep. You won't regret it in the morning." As I shut the light back off and head for the door, I hear another thought emerge from my daughter.

I wish he would sing to me.

"Okay, but only if you promise to go right to sleep. Now, shut your eyes." She did so, and then I softly hummed the tune of Bella's lullaby. I had written it for her on the piano when I first met her, and ever since it's been Renesmee's favorite. When I was finished I could hear the soft purr of her snoring as her chest moved slightly up and down to the beat of her breathing. I whispered I love you on the way out and shut her door. I couldn't help but think to myself a bit. What if she was right? What if our family was picked for the 84th Annual Hunger Games? 

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