A general rant on how to write stories

I realise quite a few people have done these, but here's mine. Just general ways to improve your stories (in my opinion). Or I might just complain about how people write things in general.


1. The 'perfect' character

In many movellas I read, the characters seem to be perfect. They're witty, popular, clever, good at sports, brave... Sure, it's an easy character to write about, but it's dull as hell to read.

Think of your favourite books, then the characters within them. They're all flawed. Bella-dislikes attention, no self esteem. Katniss- bad with blood, struggles to make connections. Harry- headstrong, anger issues.

They are not perfect. Can you think of anyone in real life that's perfect? The popular, pretty girl- she's bad at maths. The uber clever boy-he's incredibly annoying. They're only examples, but it's true.

Give your characters flaws. More than one. They don't even have to be relevant to the plot, it just gives your characters so much more depth. Maybe they have a fear. They could be angry. Have OCD. Pays no attention to friends. Bad at sports. 

But they can always overcome these flaws at the end, after coming on an incredible journey. So if you want them a little nicer, you can take a few away later.

There are so many ways to make them more interesting. So please, don't make your characters perfect.

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