Is This Love?

Clarry is a 16 year old girl from England. she is sort of the nerdy type and has never really fancied anyone. Until the famous Harry Styles comes to her high school to finish his schooling before another tour. How could this be happening? Clarry struggles to keep from falling in love with this handsome, charming boy. Can she hold on and deny this crush. Or is this love?


1. The Begining

My name is Clarry. I'm 16 and i live in England. I'm in tenth grade. im sort of the nerdy type. so im an outcast in school. my only friend is Izzy. we have been best friends since sixth grade. it was a normal thursday in Cheshire high school. i was walking into Mr.Monroe's class when i spotted a new kid. He looked a awful lot like the famous Harry Styles from one direction. i continued the walk to my seat and sat down right as class started. Mr.Monroe didn't introduce the new kid to start off he just began teaching. I couldn't help but stare at the newby. His dark emerald eyes sparked when the light hit them. his curly dark hair was very fluffy. He was very attractive. "Clarry can you tell me the answer?" Mr. Monroe asked.     "um er ugh. no" i said in shame while looking down at my feet and blushing. Everyone gasped in surprise I usually always knew the answer. All he did was smirk. "Oh and i almost forgot, this is Harry Styles he is here to finish his schooling before going back on tour with one direction!" all the girls screamed except for me. "Now he wants to be treated normal understand. okay lets get back to the lesson." Mr. Monroe continued. All I could do was stare at him the whole time. I don't think I even took notes. It turns out that i had every single class with him. Great. If you ask me he seemed kind of all caught up in this being famous thing so i tried to avoid him. Which didn't work out to well. He was always either asking for notes or a pencil. As i was packing up for the day he walked over to me and introduced himself. " Hi my name is Harry. And you are?'    " Clarry" I replied. " Well Clarry I would like to know if you would like to come over and help my study tonight for the test in English."    " um well i actually had plans Styles." I said a little annoyed with his stupid pick up line.   " Wow i'm surprised usally anyone would want to hang out with me" he replied with a big grin on is face. " Listin here Styles that's not the way it works with me, if you want go snog with one of those arsehole blondes and be on your way okay?" and with that i stormed off slamming my locker. As i was walking out to my car extremely mad Harry came up shouting "I didn't mean to come across like that." " Like what a jerk" i said. "yeah I'm sorry let me explain tomorrow okay?" "fine but you better have a good explination!" i replied getting into my car. "Here is my number feel free to call if you want an early explanation." he winked and ran off. As i shut my door and put his number in the console I got a call from mum. Well this cant be good i thought and drove off.

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