Short Stories

Hey guys! This is just a collection of short stories that I've written and really loved~ So, I hope you enjoy! :D


1. Abused Innocence - Story One

Please note: This is not a true story.


Sometimes, I sit alone in my favourite place. Sometimes I can't make it that far, before I break down.

But I don't like crying in front of people. I don't like making mummy cry as well. Daddy always gets angry when I make mummy cry, and he hits me.

But it's not the fact that he beats me that hurts; I can take that. But what I can't take is when mummy tries to stick up for me, and daddy hits her instead...

That's why I come here. The open meadow with it's tall, swaying grasses and purple flowers are oddly comforting. I sigh, the breeze lifting my  straight blonde hair, making it flutter and swirl. I look down at my pale skin. My inky black and blue bruises were obvious against the snowy white colour. I feel my pale grey eyes begin to fill with water.

No, I think, I can't cry now. I have to be strong. I can't make mummy sad. I'm six years old now, a big girl!


I take a deep breath and push my rickety old wheelchair through the grassy meadow, which seems annoyingly oblivious to my suffering as it sways contently in the gentle summer winds.

I close my eyes and tilt my head back to face the sky. I take another deep breath as the afternoon sun warms my face, the light flashing through my eyelids. Determination is the only thing that forces me to open my eyes and roll myself forward.


A disturbing and sinister sound makes me freeze.

"Angelique! Get back here, you life-sucking little leech!" My daddy yells, his voice rough and mottled because of the distance between us. He doesn't see me, so I don't reply; I only push myself forward, running away from daddy's house. For mummy, I think, over and over. For mummy.

I can't help crying when I reach the end of the meadow, staring down from the frightening cliff face it sits on. Goodbye, mummy... I think, using the last of my will power to roll myself forward for the final time.


I love you...



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