The Blonde Boy

Niall Horan has just moved to Seattle and is utterly lost in this new world. His mum and dad fight constantly, his sister has an abusive boyfriend, and he can't escape the madness going on in his new home. That is, until he meets Peyton.

Peyton LaCosta has lived in Seattle her whole life. She seems to have everything in life she's ever wanted- amazing friends, loving parents, and not to mention a great home life. Yet even with everything she has, she feels completely lonely. That is, until she meets Niall.


1. Cute Boys and Coffee Beans


Standing in a giant line at Porchlight Coffee and Records, or "The Porch" as most of us high schoolers call it, is about the worst part of my day. All around me there are people. Short people, tall people, fat people, skinny people, blondes, brunettes, gingers, potheads, schoolteachers, doctors, and construction workers; anyone who can get their hands on the buzz of a morning coffee. Me, I'm one of those people- blending into the crowd, my ordinary mud-brown hair and emerald green eyes waiting for mocha- and I didn't want to stand out. As a half hour goes by, I finally get the chance to order. 

"I'll have an iced mocha please," I say to the lady at the counter. She hands me the coffee and I head towards the door to my awaiting car. Before I can slip out the door, a guy in a uniform struggles to get a giant bag of coffee beans to the other side of the shop. As the sack slides through his fingers, it rips open and every last coffee bean pours out of it, making me trip and fall. I scream on my way down to the floor, but it's too late for anyone to catch me. My mocha top pops off and the cold brown liquid is splashed all over my ivory cardigan. 

"Oh my God, I am so sorry.the boy says. His dirty blonde hair and ice blue eyes catch my attention, and all I can do is stare at his perfection and tell him that it's okay. He puts his large hand out toward me, and I match his motion. He pulls me upwards and my high heels trip me again, this time taking him down with me. I land on top of him, face-to-face, and we both burst out laughing. Time seems to stop as our giggles settle down and we look into each other's eyes.

"Hi, I'm Niall." he stifles a giggle as he gets back on his feet and pulls me off the ground. He has an indescribably sweet Irish accent and an adorable laugh. I blush and curtsy, making him chuckle lightly as I introduce myself.

"Peyton." I reply. Niall smiles and glances at his watch. A look of concern crawls over his face as he frantically grabs a broom and tries to sweep up the sea of coffee beans sprawled out on the floor.

"Look, I'm really sorry but I've got to get back to work. I'll.. see you around." he smiles slightly and reaches his hand out to shake mine, and I immediately move my hand out of my pocket.

"Nice meeting you!" I shout as he runs behind the counter, bowing and taking off his "The Porch" cap, then gently pushing it back on his head. I can't help but wonder if I'll be seeing more of this perfect boy. 


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