You've changed my life baby

Amelia also know as Melisa by all her friends is a normal girl who loves Valentines Day! Two friends share a secret about them! Her wonderful boyfriend Louis takes them both on a romantic evening... Later on an accident happens!

This is my entry for the valentine's day 1shot41D competition (if you don't like one direction then you probably shouldn't read it but it's your choice)!!! Please comment,like,Favourite! : )


1. Lovin' You x

I woke up with bright sunshine coming through my window onto my bedside table. Today was Valentine's Day I told myself with a little cheeky smile. I just laid there staring up at my peach ceiling when many thoughts came into my mind of what me and Louis could do for the day! I turned my head around to notice that he was still asleep, he looked cute when he slept.


I gently shook him until he woke up, finally his eyes fluttered open and he mumbled.


"Merry Christmas!" I chuckled to the sign that he wasn't fully awake yet.


"It's not Christmas, it's Valentines day!" I replied gently.


"Oh yeah... Happy Valentines Day, babe" he gave me a strong hug and then let go so I could have a chance of getting out the bed!


I could already guess that he was going to fall straight back to sleep, I walked over to my closet to find the clothes I had already picked out. I thought I would wear some dark blue shorts with a silky, light faded, blue top with little, white hearts outlining the rim. I absolutely adored this top! I took my clothes and makeup to the bathroom while Louis was asleep with a unusual smirk on his face.


                 *25 minutes later*


I came out with a little eye shadow on, a tad of mascara, peachy pink blusher and some clear lip gloss. I ambled my way to the bedroom were I saw Louis dressed holding a bag saying 'Open this because I especially got this for you! xx' and an envelope, I wondered over to the bed were he was sitting and he handed me the envelope first it read on the front 'Valentines Day is for me and you' it had two little teddy bears holding a heart saying I love you! I smiled and opened it up and it said ' To the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen, Happy Valentines Day! I love you and I always will! Lots of love, Louis xx '


"awwww.... it's lovely Louis thank you" I gave him a small hug and he handed me the bag!


I opened it up to find a fake rose, box of Delicious chocolates, love hearts and a piece of paper saying 'I love you' I knew it only said that but those words feel very effective! The thing that was disappointing is we always write stuff saying 'I love you' but we have never said it probably to each other, I'm just hoping that this will be the day.


We stared into each others eyes for a few minutes with small cheeps from two tiny robins tweeting out a little tune! He leaned forward and closed his eyes so I did the same! Before I knew it his soft lips were placed against mine. After a minute he slipped away and lent his head on mine. 


"I love you Amelia!" I guess my wish had become true, I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks.


"I love you Louis!" I spoke reassuring.


I need to tell Chloe ASAP, she's my best friend BTW, I tell her everything and she tells me everything! I know one of her biggest secrets, well she has a BIG crush on this guy called...



Who does Chloe have a crush on??



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