Jason Mcann Story.<3

A Jason Mcann Love Story.


1. Were getting out of here TOGETHER.<3

Summer P.O,V,

I laid on the floor in pain trying to open my eyes but quickly shut them after the pain that shot through my whole body.I could feel something fall down my face it was warm and fast i think it was blood.No i know it was my blood.My body ached all over from my head to my toes Why did this happen to me?I repeated over and over to myself as my tears fell onto the floor.The pain flashed through my veins like an olympic runner running 100 metre race.Causing me to whimper in pain,my thoughts was distracted as i heard the door open i looked up to see my worst nightmare.My bully James Michael.He hates me.He kidnapped me.He did this to me.I hoped he thought that i was asleep and that he wouldnt bother me but no he did he walked up to me and began circling around me.Shouting things

Nobody Loves you!Your worth nothing!

He circled me over and over again repeating the same 2 things.I flashed open my eyes as the tears started to fall down my cheeks.All he said was true. His friends had surrounded me and was all peering over me.Looking,laughing and pointing at the bruises that James Caused while i struggled to stay awake.I heard the door open and i heard an angelic voice my head peered up as my eyes met with his.

Justin:what the hell are you doing?

James:You see this little girl.Yeah the ugly one?Your going to be looking after her and with that i looked at Justin with pain in my eyes as i rested my head back down to the ground until i was knocked onconsious.Why did he have to kidnap me?I still remember everything

*Flashback*I was Home Alone everyone was out i heard a noise in the kitchen i walked through to see My bully.James stood there.I questioned him about why he was at my house all of a sudden i felt pain rush through my legs causing me to fall to the ground to be knocked onconsious and then i woke up here.

About an hour later i opened my eyes to hear nothing but silence.sighing in relief i tried to push myself up but i fell back down luckily Justin was just comming into the room running over to my side he put his hand out for me to take i shook my head as he put his hand out again

He spoke

Justin:"I wont hurt you

Summer: The weird thing is i trusted Justin and i barely knew him

He reausred me with his million dollar smile as his hand slipped to my waist as i rested my weight onto his left schouldher he helped me over to the bed. I sat down as he sat next to me

Justin:your summer right?

I nodded

He smiled and spoke again

Justin:Beautiful Name for a Beautiful Girl his hand started to caresse my cheek making my body go all tingly.

I Blushed as he did this.

Justin: Dont be scared were going to get out of this hell hole together he added with a smile.

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