One direction Competition

Competition Entry.


1. Nial and Sophie for the competition.

Sophie P.O.V.

My headphones blasted out the song "Little Things" by One Direction.My favourite song.

Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me. 

My thoughts was distracted as i felt arms wrap around my waist and i saw a head pop over my shouldher to look at my phone screen.It was My Boyfriend Nial.We have been going out for a year  on the 14th of February,which happens to be tomorow and also happens to be valentines day.

I giggled at Nials face he turned me around so i was stood infront of me and started to tickle me i must of slipped because i fell and continued laughing Nial helped me up i stared into his crystal blue eyes and i could remember the day we first met.It was perfect. We was interupted by Harry walking in.

Harry:Hey Sophie

Sophie:Hey hazza i replied before Nial walked behind me hugging me from behind.

I heard Nial whispher something in my ear causing shivers to fall down my spine.It's a year since we met tomorow im taking you out on a date.I smiled and nodded Soon Enough it was the next day I awake to the sound of my phone going of it was a text from Nial Hey babe happy valentines day dont forget were of on a date tonight be ready at 7 Love you Nial xoxo

A smile fell on my face as i read the text over and over again.I walked to the bathroom did my routine and went back to my room to chill on my computer for a bit,The day went really fast and before i knew it it was 6'Oclock walking to my wardrobe sliding the door open and looking through the different combination of outfits.I came across a blue dress with a pair of Converse I applied my make up and heard the door bell ring i ran down the stairs almost falling but catching myself Just in time.I smiled as i opened the door revealing Nial in a tux.

Sophie:Hey handsome i spoke with a smile

Nial replied back Hey Beautiful an dwith that he grabbed my hand leading me out of the door.

It was about a half an hour drive i fell asleep on Nials shouldher with his hand in mine.The car soon stopped as i felt him nudge me

Nial:Babe where here! he announced with a smile

Sophie:I replied back okaay :) i climbed out of the car as he came to my side helping me we walked down to the beach which was decorated with bright lights and the stars.It looked beautiful we sat down opposite eachother we talked.Laughed and played games.All of a sudden i could hear music and i looked up to see Nial stood infront of me.

Nial:May i have this dance?

Sophie:you may i replied as his hands wrapped around my waist and mine was around his kneck it was the perfect love song. 

Nial: I Love You Sophie.

Sophie: I Love You Nial.

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