A Justin Bieber Love Story.Natalie is the girl in Justin's new music video but what happens when they fall in Love with each other.


1. Introduction(:


Natalie's P.O.V.

Flashing My eyes woke up to the bright sun peeping through my curtains i groaned rolling over to the left to check the time on my phone.

Realising that i was late Shoot.Im dead. I felt my brain go in to panic mode.

Grabbing my clothese placing them over my head sliding onto my body i started to apply my make up applying one layer of pale foundation first and then Mascara.Simple but effective.After doing my make up as fast as i could my hand was shaking.Sheesh!im so nervous after a couple of deep breaths i managed to get my breathing level back to Normal.

I hate the idea of being late.Grabbing my keys and phone of the side board and making my way out of the door running to my car turning the key and starting the ignition.

About 10 minutes later of driving i'd Just reached the set just in time.The equipment was still being set up walking over to the director who Explained to me about what the video was about.

Apparently i was playing the love interest all i had to do was fun and be me.No pressure.Oh yeah apart from the part that it's infront of Justin Bieber.
Justin Drew Bieber.The guy ive always had a crush on since i saw him for the first time memories came flashing through my mind as a smile fell on my face i was back in reality when my thoughts started to spin around in my heas i get to and be me with him.

My phone started bleeping i slid across the green unlock button as it was my mamangers caller Id Melina.

Melina:Hey you okay?she spoke.

I replied without thinking:What do you think?sorry im havig a bad day today ive arrived at the set you forgot to mention id be filming with Justin...

Melina:oh yeah sorry got to go have fun! and with that she hung up

There was a knock at the door as i hug the phone up sliding it into the back pocket of my denim Shorts i heard the door open and someone came in causing me to turn around to see Justin.

He smiled.

"Hey im Justin"

he waved

I replied back hey with a smile :) hey im Natalie.Nat.I stumbled on  my words.Damn im nervous.My blood raced through my veins.

Justin:its nice to meet you :) just relax and have fun on the video.

I replied back:will do as long as you do to i said cheekily back to him causing him to chuckle

Justin:your funny :)

I smiled thankyou.

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