Wretched and Divine: Story of the Wild Ones

A fan fic kinda thing based on Black Veil Brides's album "Wretched and Divine: Story of the Wild Ones"... (THERE ISN'T ANY MUSIC THAT HAS ALL THE SONGS! THEY'VE BEEN EITHER DELETED OR WON'T MAKE A SOUND!!! Apoligies people for spelling and the album. Why not buy the album??? :D)

(Also, a friend helped me come up with the female character and what her relationships are with the guys, so... yeah... apparently I'm in a relationship with Andy Biersack... yay... ._.
Don't ask)
(Also, song lyrics will be in book lol)


1. Exordium (Prolouge)

The sun was still on it's bedded, horizon line, as a small, eight year old girl made her way through the dawn lit streets of The City. Sneaking out the house isn't easy, but she could do it. Leave her house anyway, leaving The City... well, that was a different matter. She came towards a house with a set of ladders neatly propped at the side. She grinned madly and started to climb the ladders making it to the top, her eyes setting on a young boy, her age, sitting like a bird on the edge of the house.

'Hey Kieva,' the boy said, a smile in his voice, 'nice view from here eh?'

'You say that everytime Andy.' Kieva said sitting down, and nudging his arm. They stared out at the rising horizon, not saying a word, savouring each moment as the sun grew higher and higher in the sky, shining it's bright light, casting colourful shadows everywhere around them.

'It's just so magical.' Kieva breathed, staring with amazment at the star. Andy frowned, a sad, sorrowful frown.

'Well, suck it all up. F.E.A.R are thinking of covering up the sky with a skylight dome. "No more sun rise or sunsets, just straight sun or moon."' said Andy quoting the head of F.E.A.R. Kieva glared at Andy.

'Don't ruin it, I want to remember it. I hate when you quote them.' Andy gave her a light punch on her arm smiling. She grinned again, before she noticed one of the tall, dark, scary figures of F.E.A.R. Kieva nudged Andy's arm and pointed towards the guard. He nodded and the stood up as they ran arcoss the rooftops, jumping the small gaps of the houses. They came to house in the middle of The City, and sat in the middle of it's roof. Andy reached into his leather jacket and threw a paper bag towards Kieva.

'Almost forgot. Here, your favourite.' Kieva opened the bag and stared into it. She grinned and took one of the contents. It was chocolate covered pastry, her favourite. She put the bag in the middle of them, as they ate talking about F.E.A.R.

'What do you think of them?' Kieva asked, munching on the chocolate. Andy glared at the bag, taking a huge bite of the small pastry, before swallowing it.

'I hate them. What else? What else can I say?! They're trying to get rid of individuality and creativity. We need that though. You know that better than anyone. I don't understand it, they are... are... I don't know. But they need to stop. Next they'll be throwing random families into the desert that surrounds The City. You know what I mean, Kieva?' Kieva nodded, staring longing at the ground.

'I wish they would understand that they can't own everything in The City. I hope they change they're ways and they don't hurt this place. Remember how it used to thrive with life, people used to be happy. Now...' Andy saw Kieva gawping face look behind him.

'What?' He followed her gaze to some guards standing behind him, looking down at him, his piercing look seemed to burn through him.

'Are you Andy Biersack?' he said, his voice horribly low and scary.


'Who wants to know?' Kieva asked, her Scottish accent seemed to disturb the guard.

'None of you're buissness.' He grunted, and looked back at Andy,  

'Come with us.' He grabbed Andy's wrist and half-dragged, half-carried Andy to the ladders by the house. Kieva tried to follow, but was stopped by two other guards, before they walked off. She started running on the roofs, following Andy to the gates of The City. His Family and their friends, Ashley Purdy, CC, Jinxx, Sammi, Ella, Juliet, Eva Black and Jake Pitts, were also outside the gates, their stuff all packed and set next to them. Andy was thrown out of The City, and into the desert with his family. Kieva jumped the low wall, of a house, to the ground, hidden in an alley. She saw the head of F.E.A.R's son, her arranged husband-to-be, William Control, standing with his father. She caught his eye, and he sneaked to her.

'William, what's happening?' She asked him, her eyes wide with fear. He gave her a small frown, sadness taking over his eyes, his emotions.

'They're throwing Wild Ones out of The City, once and for all.'

'What?! Andy, Ashley... all of them, they're not part of this!' William took her hand.

'Sadly, according to contracts, they agreed that when bad took over, they will fight. My dad wants them gone.' Kieva's eyes threatened her with tears.

'Please, stop him..'

'I cant' William said.

'I have to run, or one of they guards will come get me. Bye' He gave her a sad wave, and ran back to his father, standing next to him like he'd never left. Kieva began to hate William. They were his friends as well, so why was he letting them go. The head of F.E.A.R smiled, and spoke to massive crowd.

'People, I'm not sad to see you go. But I do not want my young children wanted to mingle with Wild Ones. Now, LEAVE!' And with that, he took his son's hand and walked away, F.E.A.R guards and politics, all that, left with him, in synchronized step, like a march. Kieva waited until F.E.A.R was gone, then ran home. Thankfully her parents were away, working at the house of F.E.A.R.  She grabbed all her clothes, and everthing else and ran, back the Gates. She saw The Wild Ones in the distance, still walking, she looked back, with a smile.

'Bye F.E.A.R., Arranged Marrige and everything else horrid.' She looked forward, still smiling,

'Hello my real life.' With that, she ran to Andy, Ashley, CC, Jinxx, Jake and everyone.


~10 years later~

Andy stared out to the crowd of Wild Ones. He could see Ella, Sammi, Juliet and Eva's faces in the crowd. Strong and proud. He looked to his right. Ashley stood, strong and calm, with CC standing next to him. Exactly the same. Andy looked to the left. On the far side was Jinxx (Sammi's husband), then Jake (Ella's fiance). Next to Jake, was Kieva. After living in the desert with her, for 10 years, they'd fallen in love and now were a happy couple. Andy looked back to the crowd, all six of them the heads of the Rebels. He opened his mouth and spoke,

'The Kingdom of god is inside you, and all around you. Not in a mansion of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood, and God is there. Lift a stone, and you will find God.'
















A/N:Hey guys, just some stuff to clarify whats happened. The last sentence Andy's just said is from Exorduim (No. 1 on the album). Also, my cousin thought it would be funny to explain that me and Andy go out... not funny at all -_-. Also, I'm apparently not tall, but CC's height, and pretty and skinny (Thanks Lauren), but hey. Also, I'm Scottish (in reality and fiction), but It's not like 'Och, naw, I dinny dea that,' Kinda thing. lol. Anyway, hope you enjoy this story and follow Kieva, Andy, Jinxx, Jake, Ashley and CC in their journey to conquering against F.E.A.R. lol :)


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