my bff Jennifer Zimmerman


1. metting me!


                       Once upon a time in the year of 2012 in the 4th grade I saw a really pretty girl named Jennifer. I added her as a friend on Face Book and we started talking in a chat room so we decided to make a Skype and start to know each other a little more. So one day we had open house and found out we were in the same class!! Well one day we decided to throw a slumber party that took our friendship to a whole nother level. We then exchanged emails and phone numbers. We sat at lunch together and sang and we got a few other friends and decided to make a band and make covers of 1D songs and some other songs that we liked. We came up with a name finially after 3 weeks of thinking I had to have exotic in it so we named it Exotic Astros!! We are going into our second year of the band. So one night we were on Skype and we wanted to stay up late and so we made videos and a website about our mission: we had to stay up until 7:00 am the next morning we started at 5:30 pm that day and we failed we were soo close we each fell asleep at 4:30 am. One day soon we will try that again, we are currently going to the 6th grade, were going to the same school and were tring to be in the same classes. Jennifer is so amazing and awesome we have so much in commin we love 1D and HATE Justin beiber. We absolutely love music it is our lifes. We already made a commentment to stay friends till we die and be buried together with our tube stones saying BFFS TILL THE END!   


                                Well that concludes my story about meeting my BFF Jennifer!!   ♥ ya jenni


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