The Others

Six Teenagers, One Government, One Hope to save the world and keep it as it is. These teenagers must try to stop the Government from destroying human kind. Before it's too late.


1. Chapter 1

Let me set a scene for you. Don't try to pretend you know what I'm on about when I tell you what to imagine, like others do. I want you to feel it. Get me? Good.

Your only about, say, three-four years old. Your dad's dead. Died because of some war that happened a month before your birth. Your mom's doing her best, not giving up as she loves you that much and would know that you're dad would be proud if she done her best for you. Your mother's name is Valorie Hume. She names you a special name. That, a name, means your child has been born special. You weren't born with special needs or something, but special powers that happen in that family every 100 years. Through your first few years, living with your mum, as she worries about schools and jobs and stuff. After your fifth birthday, your mother is asked to bring you to a lab, as your a very special child that will be needed for the Government. Or the "Parliament System" as they like to be known as. You go through a year of horrible, torturous tests, before meeting five other kids, just like you. Two female, three male. The girls look younger, and the males all a few months older. You spend four months getting tested together, before they give you back to your parents and sent home. Then, when you've had your seventh birthday, the "Parliament System" want you back. To send on the front lines of war. Your mom threw her stuff, along with yours, in bags, before running away with you. You ask where you're both going, and your mother tells you "To a place where we can relax and spend every minute left together."

You don't understand her, but go anyway. Then you reach the border-lines. You notice the other five kids looking scared, except the younger looking boy, out of the three, who's put on a brave face. Then, a train-like vehicle comes out of the trees, near the border-lines, and you're instructed on. You start to cry, and hold your mom's arm and scream that you want to stay. She tells you that you'll see her again, very, very soon. You beg for her to take you home, but she leads you to the train-thing and waves you goodbye. You cry silently, getting comforted by the others, but the brave-faced boy. He just stares at you, then looks out the window. You yell at him. He doesn't react, but you notice the tears starting in his eyes. Later, you fall asleep, and when you wake, it's morning and your being served toast, jam, oj, cereal and eggs. You eat it, then sit and watch the country pass by in the blink of an eye. Everyone starts to wake up, and talk silently amongst each other, as you watch the outside world pass. After awhile, one of the girls falls asleep, and the other comes and starts to talk to you. She says her name is Dana, who later would become your first new best friend. She had long strawberry-blonde hair and green eyes. She medium sized in height and is really pretty. After a while one of the boys comes over and starts to talk to you both. His name is Alec. He has brown hair and eyes, and has light freckles on his stubby nose. He's also quite medium built. You three talk quietly until the second boy wanders over. He says he's bored. He's called Barrett. He had medium blonde hair and grey eyes, with are almond shaped. He's quite tall as well. He's like you in a lot of ways. One commonality is that his dad died, too, in the war. Then the other girl wakes up and crawls over, to introduce herself and join the conversation. Her name is Nataliea. She was beautiful and had medium, muted, ginger hair. She was medium height and had brown eyes too. You look at the brave faced boy, who is reading a book on a dinosaur, when Barrett makes you jump.

'He's Bailey. Doesn't speak much. Think's he's to cool for everyone.' I just stare. He had short light brown hair, and green-grey eyes. He had a slightly pointed nose and tall structure. He notices you staring at him, and gives a ghost of a smile, before getting back to his book.

After ten days of this, you arrive at a centre, which is massive and looks homey. You all stumble inside, as a kind man takes your bags and coats. An older looking woman and man are standing in the hall, both in their mid to late 20s, maybe 30s. They introduce themselves as Mrs Rachael Johansson and Mr Charlie Johansson. You can call them Rachael and Charlie. You look at them with your big blue eyes, and Rachael smiles at you. She leads you, Dana and Nataliea down one corridor to a room with three beds. It had shelves of DVDs and books, and not to mention teddy bears. You all jump in delight and start to play with everything, before Rachael explains the rules.

'Keep your room clean. Clean up after yourselves every night. If not, I'll make you scrub the kitchen floors until you can see your face in it.' She smiled, so you knew she was teasing you. She left you all to play, before calling you for dinner. You eat a very delicious homemade chicken pie and stuffing with Chocolate cake for pudding. You all eat every bite, before being sent to bed. You all fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

That continues for the next ten years. Of course, the boys came through to your room, as well as you going through. But now, I want to imagine me. Big, blue eyed, long, black haired. Very pretty, as everyone tells me, but I don't believe it. Quite small, NOT midget sized, but smaller than everyone else. And... well, that's it. Well, that life... that's all mine.

I'm Britani (pronounced Bri-ta-nee) and welcome to the story, that is my exciting, peculiar life. Sit back, and watch, or listen or read or whatever, my life unfold before your very eyes.

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