The Little Drummer Boy

So, for the Christmas season, I wish to present you with The Little Drummer, retold by me. I know there are a lot of different versions out there, but this is the way my Nana used to tell it (which was semi-based off the Rankin Bass film, I believe). Of course she didn't add in a ton of detail, so I'll do that to make sure you to don't have to read only about ten sentences and be bored out of your mind for the duration of all of them. Anyway, GirlOfManyFandoms presents The Little Drummer Boy!


1. Hatred

     You know all those stories that begin a long, long time ago, in a galaxy (uh, land) far away? This is the same. It all started with a young boy, who traveled the hot, dusty desert with only a drum, drumsticks, and three animals. A camel named Joshua, a mule by the name of Samuel, and Baba, the lamb. The young boy, Aaron, felt that the animals were all that he needed.

     One morning, Aaron was doing as he always did. Playing the little drum as he walked over the sand while Joshua, Samuel, and Baba danced happily behind him. They swayed along with the music and appeared to be smiling. Little did sweet Aaron know that nearby, hiding behind a hill of dust and sand, were two incredibly greedy men. Benjamin and his assistant, Adam. They were plotting a path to their own fame and fortune, and they were willing to do what ever it took to get their way. Even if it meant taking Aaron.

     "Is that the boy?" Adam questioned seeing Aaron. "Is that the drummer boy we heard of?"

     "Yes, Adam. Shush. We will take him, and he will entertain the many citizens out there. He will make us rich."

     "But, Benjamin, he will never agree. He hates all people. He would never perform for their enjoyment!"

     "Why do you think we brought the rope?" Benjamin clarified, pulling the rope out his bag. He and Adam ambushed poor Aaron, wrapping the rope tightly around him. Adam kept the animals from running away, although there was no need. They would never abandon Aaron.

     Aaron protested against his captivity, refusing the offer of performing, just as Adam had predicted. "I won't," he yelled. "I won't. I won't. I won't. There is no way. I hate people."

     And this was true. Aaron hated people. Not just ordinary hate, like one hates spiders or snakes or realizing a favorite shirt no longer fits. It was a deep, passionate hatred that burned like a flame in his heart.

     When he had gotten his drum, back when he still had a loving mother and father, something had happened. The drum was a gift from his parents for his birthday. And perhaps because it was a gift of love from a poor, poor family, but when Aaron went RAT-A-TAT-TAT on the drum, it created a sound so joyous that the animals - Joshua, Samuel, Baba, and all the others on the farm - danced.

     But his happy life was snatched away from him. That night, thieves came and attacked. Aaron's mother saved him by pushing him out the window. Aaron ran out of sight, cowering behind a dust mound. The thieves set the home on fire, burning it to the ground along with his parents. They stole the good, strong, healthy animals and killed the weak ones. Only three escaped. A camel, a mule, and a lamb. (Guess who?)

     As Aaron watched the fires blaze, he vowed to never have anything to do with people again, for they had taken everything that had truly mattered to him.

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