Daughter To Famous

Esther Gunner, the only daughter to famous Rockstar Enoch Gunner, lead singer of Devil Five, has decided to write down her life so that people read it and figure out that it isn't as simple and easy as the movies picture it.

Follow Esther as she narrates you, the story of her life.

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5. Zwei. Two. Deux. Dos.





I was so comfy, dreaming about a life full of chocolate, and being able to eat it all without any risk at all. It the most magnificent world, but there was something nagging at me, something was poking me…


    “Esther!” Carlo shouted and I finally understood what was poking me. “I swear to God that if you don’t get up right now, I will throw a bucket of water and ice at you!” He warned pulling my covers off. 

    “My chocolate!” I whined. “What do you want Carl?” I sighed as I sat up. “What are you doing inside my room waking me up?” I yawned rubbing my eyes. 

    “You were supposed to wake up forty minutes ago!” Carl exclaimed. “Please tell me that you haven’t forgotten about the charity concert Devil Five is having today!” 

    I stared at him blankly. “Oh fuck!” I exclaimed jumping out of my bed. “Please tell me that I have some time! Enoch is going to murder me!” 

    “Twenty-five minutes.” Carl winked at me. “Hurry up!”

    “Get out then!” I shouted as I walked over to my bathroom. 



I groaned as I took the fastest bath I have done. How could I have forgotten about the charity concert? It’s a trademark Devil Five has! We have it every single month! And it’s not like I could bail, given that it was also tradition to have Devil Five Kids, yes that means us, cover the concert whilst Devil Five is changing wardrobe. 

Grabbing something quick, given that they also give us cloth for the concert. I managed to finish getting in record time. I only had to make sure that I looked half presentable. Making sure that I wasn’t forgetting anything, I made my way, running may I add, towards the stairs… Wasn’t that great of an idea, as I managed to trip and roll down the stairs, only to stop right in front of my father. 


    “Good morning Esther,” He chuckled as he took a sip of his coffee. “In a rush are we?” 

    I rolled my eyes. “Morning Enoch,” I sighed. “Why was Carl up in my room? I thought Bryan was the one in charge of making sure we are all up and going, or maybe Ralph.” 

    “He claimed he wanted to help,” My father shrugged. “Hurry up with breakfast. Everyone is almost ready and we have a concert to attend.” 

    “Sure dude,” I winked as I rush past him into the kitchen, only to find everyone there. 


As in entered the kitchen, I couldn’t help but smile, this was my family and even when they sometimes got on my nerves, I loved them more than anything. I sat on the counter, earning a look from Guile, but then a wink, as he handed me a banana muffin. 


    “Is everyone ready?” Ralph questioned as he entered the kitchen, may I add that he never looked up from his phone. 

    “I believe,” Guile replied. 

    “Are the wives coming?” I questioned. 

    “They are meeting us on the set,” Ducky replied. “Alongside the Devil Twins.” 

    I nodded. “I knew people were missing.” They all chuckled. 

    “Let’s get going then,” Carl Rhodes spoke. “The sooner we are there, the more Devil Five Kids can practice.” 

    “Does anyone know which songs are we performing?” Hunter questioned as he kissed my cheek.”

    “You’ll get them at the arena.” Ralph replied. “Kids,” He stared at each one of us. “Mike is taking you to the arena, you’ll meet up with Bryan and he’ll give you further instructions.” 

    “Aye.” We all replied. 

    “Devil Five,” Ralph sighed. “You are coming with me, please let’s hurry we are on a tight schedule.” 

    “Youngsters,” Mike spoke entering the kitchen. “Your ride awaits!” He laughed and we all followed him towards the car. 




Hunter, Blaze, Carl, Robert and I followed in a beeline. Entering the car, we all got into our normal ritual before a concert. The ritual actually consisted of placing our earbuds and listen to all the Devil Five songs to remember everything and get in the mood of the concert. 


This tradition started thanks to crazy old me. I have always been around for the concert and the crazy life of Devil Five. One night, whilst the band went to their wardrobe change, which was the time for the fans to get some food, hit the bathroom and such, I snuck into the stage, I wanted to read something, given that I had just learned how to ( I believe I was around four), I sat in the middle of the stage and started reading the poem. Some fans that were still there started shouting and encouraging me, and as time passed, the rest of the kids started joining me, whenever they were on tour. So that is the origin of our tradition… Not so interesting right? 


    “Okay everybody,” Mike spoke as he parked the car. “Bryan is already out there inside waiting for you, so please hurry up.” 


We all got out of the car and ran right into the stadium, fans were lining up and we were on strict orders to not stop and speak with the fans, given that we were running behind schedule, and also they didn’t really like for us to interact with fans if there was no adult supervision, given that we already had a bad situation. 


    “Hello kids,” Bryan smiled. “You are going to be doing covers from the last album.” We all sighed, we knew them by heart. 

    “Aren’t they singing this songs too?” Blaze questioned. 

    “Yes,” Bryan sighed. “But you are doing the covers as well.” 

    “Just ignore him,” Carl chuckle. “We all do that,” He shrugged and we chuckled.  “Which songs are we supposed to rock out?” 

    Bryan stared at his iPad. “Devil Soul, Set of Five, Angel Wings, and Crown.” He replied and gave us a pointed look. 

    “Set of Five,” Robert laughed. “I remember when they wrote that song.”

    “Yeah,” I smiled remembering. “It was about us and they didn’t want us to hear it until the concert.” 

    “Yet,” Hunter smirked. “We managed to LEARN it before they played it!” 

    Carl sighed. “Good old times,” He spoke. “Now, who’s playing what?”

    “I vote for sticking to our best instrument and or ability.” Robert suggested. “Those in favor say aye!” 

    “Aye!” Everyone replied and I groaned.

    “I don’t want to sing!” I whined. 

    “You have the voice of an angel,” Carl smiled. “Guitar.” 

    “Drums over here,” Robert replied. “Do you guys know if the Devil Twins know how to play any instrument?” 

    I shrugged. “I don’t know,” I answered. “But it’s not like they need to know.” 

    “But Esther!” Carl refuted. “When you were their age, you already played the vioin, guitar, bass, you sang and you knew a bit of drums.” 

    I raised an eyebrow scared. “You make sound like a complete nerd!” I laughed. 

    “I’ll ignore you two,” Hunter rolled his eyes. “I’m with the bass.” 

    “I’m on the piano then.” Blaze smiled at me. “I just have one question,” We all turned to him. “Carl, are you going to be able to keep up with the guitar solo in Devil Soul?” I rolled eyes. 

    “Esther,” Carl sing-sang. “I was going to ask for your help. We all know that I am nowhere as near as good as you are, but you do own the voice of an angel.”

    I groaned. “Guys!” I whined. “You describe me as if I were a prodigy of some sort,” I huffed. “Carl I am more than sure that you are cable of doing the solo! I have all my faith in you!” 

    “Kids,” Bryan sighed. “Devil Five has just arrived,” A collective groaned was heard. “Esther, please help Carl with that solo.” 

    I gave an evil eye to Carl. “You are singing more than backups with me in that song.” 

    “I love you!” Carl laughed and blew me a kiss. 



Bryan was right, Devil Five was here as the screams and the commotion got worst than before. I moved towards a window, only to see them waving at their fans, smiling as they took pictures of them. The barrier was being shaken, and I saw how all of them took several steps back, until security appeared and moved them inside the stadium. 


I took in a deep breath, if they were here, it meant that makeup, hair and wardrobe were just around the corner. As if I were a magician, our team barged through the door, barking orders to everyone, and just like that we all started getting ready.



    I was falling asleep on my chair as the woman kept pulling my hair, when I felt a soft kiss on my cheek. “Esther?” Blaze smiled as I opened my eyes. 

    “Hey,” I whispered with a small smile. His eyes were glowing with happiness.

    “Do you know if we have to match?” He questioned and I frowned. 

    “I have no clue,” I shrugged. “Why does everyone assumes I know everything?” I questioned and he shrugged. “Although, wait, is match or match with our parents?” 

    “With parents.” He replied. 

    I shook my head, only to feel my hair being ripped, I gave the stinky eye to the lady on my hair. “Beats me,” I shrugged. “I can call my dad and ask him, I mean, Bryan didn’t tell us and wardrobe is not here.” Finally the lady was done with my hair and she moved away.

    Before I could even take out my door, Ralph was bursting through the door with our wardrobe. “Devil Five Kids! Listen up!” He shouted. “We are matching today, your outfits are here.” 

    I stared at him with my eyes wide open. “Pretty please with cherries on the top, tell me that you have another option for me so that I don’t have to wear leather pants!” I whined as the rest chuckled. They all had normal dads.

    “Yes,” Ralph pointed out. “You have two options,” He showed me the first one. “Either wear the same outfit as your father, or,” He grabbed a dress. “Wear this leather dress.” 

    I cringed at the short leather dress he held up. “Heck, give me the pants!” I exclaimed. “I will never wear a leather dress!” Everyone laughed. 

    “Hurry up kids!” Ralph shouted.  “You’re out in twenty!” And with that he left us.


I stared at my friend and we all started laughing. Even when this wasn’t our everyday life, we did enjoy every moment of it! 

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