Supernatural AU The Hunger Games

Supernatural AU The Hunger Games
Sam and Dean Winchester live in District 12 of Panem. The time has come for the next Hunger Games. This Quarter Quell gets Sam Winchester reaped, what happens when Dean volunteers for Sam's place?
(Jo Harvelle and Dean romance included)


1. The Reaping


Dean Winchester woke up in fright, he had just had a nightmare. Today was the day of the reaping for the Hunger Games. Dean couldn't help but fear that Sam will get chosen, he couldn't let anything happen, he has to keep his brother safe. Dean looks over to Sam's bed which was empty, Dean expected so, Sam was probably just beyond the District hiding in the woods. This years Quarter Quell allowed people over 18 to be reaped. Dean took a look outside seeing the empty streets on a Friday morning it was obvious that the day of the reaping had come. Dean grabbed his knife slipping it into his leather jacket and headed towards the electrical fence that supposedly was always on even though it never really was. Dean slipped under the fence not bothering to check if any peacekeepers were around and made his way through the thick bushes and into a small clearing where he found Sam sitting there staring into the wilderness. "Sam, we better be getting back the reaping is going to start in a about an hour." Sam remained quite for a moment before replying 

"I'm coming, just give me a minute"
Dean left and made his way through the bushes, hew can't blame Sam for being distracted, this felt quite similar to when he was 12 and entered the reaping for the first time. Dean passed through the town square on his way back noting all the peacekeepers who showed up for the reaping. To his surprise by the time he made it back Sam was already there leaning back in a chair closed eyes rubbing his head. "You ok?" Sam opened his eyes noting Deans arrival "Yeah, fine, just stressed out" 

Deans stepped into the bathroom to get ready for the reaping, after a long warm shower Dean put on his only nice suit, which he hated. Sam did the same and with in half an hour they found themselves joining the mass of people who got there before them. After being identified by a peacekeeper, which resulted in a pricked finger the brothers both joined the uneasy adults who had also expected not be part of any more reapings but instead be watching them. A half hour later everyone were in there sections and out walked Effie Trinket wearing a bright red wig and clothes from the strange fashion that the capital held.It was quieter than most reapings because everyone were dead silent because the only people not to participate in the reapings were either under 12 or over 40. Effie came up smiles and all but unlike previous years,  alone on the stage. "Welcome everybody, welcome to this years 75th Annual Hunger Games!"  She went through her usual speech as Dean didn't listen but instead looked over to the girls side noticing Jo Harvelle standing there watching Effie speak. Before he knew it Effie walked up to the girls bowl and picket out a name at random, to add to the suspense Effie slowly said, "This years female tribute is... Jo Harvelle" Dean didn't know what to think as he watched Jo walk up to the stage and get introduced by Effie. Dean watched in fear as he looked over to Sam as Effie rummaged through the bowl full of all the possible male tribute and held his breath as Effie began to speak. Dean whispered 'no" since he knew what was coming. Effie began to speak "Finally, this years male tribute is... Sam Winchester" Dean looked at his brother who slowly walked towards the stage. Dean stops cold unable to think, before he knew it he found himself running to the front pushing past people yelling "Sammy!" Over and over again until two peacekeepers approached him he yelled out the only thing he can think of "I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!"

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