niall's sister

Marlaina (Marlee) is not your everyday average girl. She tries her best to be like the rest of the kids. Thats hard to do for Marlee because her brother is Niall Horan from One Direction. What happens when Niall asks Marlee to go on tour with them? What if that question changes their lives? This story includes an unbreakable bond between a older brother and a little sister.


1. Chapter 1:)

Hi! I'm Marlee Horan! I'm a thirteen year old girl that doesn't live the average teenage life. My brother is in the famous boy band One Direction. Yes, Niall. Even though he's not home a lot he is still the best big brother any girl could have. He is always there for me and is a little over protective. haha. I'm a very bubbly, happy girl, but if you get me mad or upset lets just say you don't want to be the person to do that. I love skateboarding, football (soccer), singing, and playing the guitar. So yeah thats me!


I am upstairs in my room playing on my computer as usual. *ding dong* I get up off my chair and go to the door. I open it and find something I was not expecting. NIALL! I jump into his arms and he kissed my forehead. 

"Ni what are you doing here I thought you left for tour?" I ask.

"Well I forgot something.." he says. I give him a confused look. he bends down to my 5'2 size. 

"I forgot you.." he says. I smile really wide. 

"Wait does that mean I'm coming on tour with you guys!?" I half yell. He nods. I smile really wide. 

"Alright well we gotta leave when your done packing so go pack we will be gone for 1 year." he says as I run up to my room to pack all of my stuff and take a shower and get changed. I pack all of my stuff then jump its the quickest shower I've ever taken. I get out and put on a slightly cropped black tank top with a white infinity sign on it, some jean shorts, my navy blue vans, my navy blue with a black rim snapback, and a moon necklace. I brush out my naturally straight blondish brown hair, and put a little mascara on my eyelashes to bring out my blue eyes. I run down stairs and we get in the car. We drive to the airport to fly to London to meet the rest of the boys. The airport is right up the street so it didn't take long. we run in. 

"Flight 26 to London is now boarding"

We run to our gate and hop on the plane. We have first class seats cause ya no Niall Horan. I sit back and fall asleep for our 2 hour flight. 

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