The Twilight Saga: Rising Sun

Seven years have passed since "Breaking Dawn". Renesmee is a teenager now and even thought she is a supernatural hybrid, her teenage-problems are as natural as those of others of her age.
Will the fact, that a werewolf has imprinted on her, affect her choices?
Or will she choose another way?
And if she has made her choice, how will she go on?

One thing is totally clear: between vampires, werewolves and other mysteries, life is hard, even for a supernatural girl...


Total chapters: 27
I will upload chapter by chapter after they are translated.

I am not earning any money with my story. All Twilight-Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. The others belong to me. Translated into English by JackyVB.


1. Prologue

Forks, 20th October 2009

Dear diary,

today I was hunt with Mummy and Daddy again.

My Jacob was there too.

But I've caught a bigger deer than he did.

After that he was totally grumpy and I offered him

to eat with me.

Oh, yeah.

I've already told you that we have to move.

Mommy told me, it's necessary,

because we are different and can't stay on one place always.

The reason is not plausible for me,

because I think, they can accept us like we are.

I mean, Mommy and the others also accept

that me and Jacob are different than they are.

But I will move with of course and in some way

I'm looking forward to see something new.

But in some way I'm sad too, because I can't see

Grandpa as much as I do now.

I won't see Seth and the other wolves often

and my Jacob moves with of course.

Well, at lease I know the name of the town we're moving

which is called Acworth in the State New Hampshire.

It doesn't rain there as much as here,

but it's a small town with woods

seas and rivers. Mommy said, its going to be great.

I think, as long as we are together, nothing bad can happen

and I have planned to visit Forks as much as possible.

Now ... it's time for dinner.

Mommy said, I get a cup when I go to bed on time.

Yours, Nessie

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