Reflections (Naruto FanFiction)

Team 7 came back to find Sakura is a top ANBU Captain and goes on a assassination with her as Captain. She was then put into a situation where she was captured by Itachi Uchiha. The only thing she remembered before giving in to the darkness around her were the words, "Join us, willingly or if necessary, force which is going to be your worst nightmare." [Requested by Animelover280 on Wattpad]


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Knock knock. Sakura Haruno was woken up by an ANBU with a dog mask at her window. She sat up slowly and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Glancing at the digital clock beside her double bed, 05.29. She got out of her bed, wrapping a black robe around her before nodding at the ANBU indicating for him to talk.

"Captain Haruno, Hokage-sama wants you in her office immediately." then left quickly with a poof after recieving a nod from his captain assuring she heard. Walking over to her closet, she got out her ANBU uniform and got her hawk mask which was by her desk where she writes all her reports from her missions or medical resources.Taking her clothes she walked into her bathroom and put on some chest bindings and brushed her pink locks into a messy bun behind her mask before putting on her uniform. Her feet made soft padding sounds against the black tiles as she exited the bathroom. Appearing into the kitchen, she made herself a quick cup of coffee before drowning it in one gulp. Strapping on her boots, she quickly checked the black clover clock just above the door of her apartment, 05.31 it read.

'Hm, only two minutes must be a new record.' She thought before leaving the comfort of her apartment. Arriving at the hokage tower, she climb through the window before appearing in front of the drunken, half asleep Tsunade with a piece of paper stuck to her head. Coughing slightly, Sakura placed a hand on the women's shoulder before shaking her gently in hopes of her waking so that she could receive her mission or whatever that she had been summoned for. It didn't work. Searching for a method in her head, she said in a non too quiet voice, "Wake up or I'll tell Shizune-san to take away you precious sake for a whole month."

With that, the hokage's head rose quickly snatching the bottles around her hugging it close to her chest. Finally realizing she had been asleep and that it was Sakura who was infront of her and not Shizune, she let out a small huff and released the bottles from her chest. She looked up to see Sakura, her former apprentice staring at her indifferently. A small frown appeared on her face before it disappeared.

Sighing inwardly, she remembered the happiness that used to radient off the pinkette. The smiles that always reached her emerald green eyes. Now, only coldness and the darkness of her charkra was felt and she rarely ever smiles anymore and if she did, it was always a fake one. One that never made her eyes shine like a jewel. She became like this when Naruto, Sai and Kakashi left her for Sasuke. The poor girl was already heartbroken after Sasuke left her on a cold, hard bench. Given not even a year to heal, her comrades left her as well despite the promise Naruto made her that she would never be left behind again.

Sakura saw that same look on her former teacher's face again. Eyes narrowing, she despised when her teacher looked into that memory. The same memory that haunted her dreams. The same memory that she had shed her tears and fustrations for. She remembered that day as it was yesterday.


:FlashBack: (Sakura POV)

Closing the door to my apartment. I walked calmly to the hokage tower, wondering what the important message was. Giving a smile to Shizune-nee, I walked up the long curving stairs that led to my shishou's office. Not noticing Shizune's sorrowful gazing at her back. Entering the office, I was greeted by Tsunade-shishou. "Morning Sakura-chan. I have some...distressing news for you." I interrupted, "Wait waht about the rest of Team 7? Don't they need to hear this too?" I noticed her taking in a deep breath and looked up from her desk into my eyes. "That is what I wanted to talk to you about. Read this letter Sakura. I was left for you by Naruto, Sai and your sensei." I took the letter from her hands and opened it. It read,

Dear Sakura-Chan,                                                                                                                                                                                    Sai, Kakashi-sensei and I are leaving to bring Sasuke back for you. I won't break the promice i made you, believe it!


:FlashBack Fin:


Sakura shook away the memory not wanting to remember the night where she cried herself to sleep. It was from then on that she had not stopped training only taking small breaks or if she worked herself to exhaustion.

It had been Danzo, the elders' idea that she should take the ANBU test after he found her sleeping under a tree with scratches and dirt on her person indicating that she had been training. He had one of his Root ANBU help her become stronger inexchange for her loyalty to him. 'As well as Konoha and Tsunade of course.' I thought inwardly. No one had know about our secret meetings, not even Tsunade. I have my Root mask hidden under a genjutsu and a pile of old gennin clothes in my wardrobe.

After years of training, she took the ANBU test and passed with flying colours. She was promoted to captain status after coming home without a scratch and completing every mission imaginable. She was and is forever grateful for Danzo even if he was a grumpy old elder. Her teammates always commented on how well she did on her missions, especially assassinations. Apparently word got around that her merciless and amazingly quick speed is greatly suited for these kind of missions. She was known as Huntress across the shinobi world. The Huntress cornering its prey leaving no way for them to escape, killing them soundlessly with no regret whatsoever.

Tsunade broke her out of her daze, "You are here for a very important meeting with some special guests. Please come in."

"Hi Sakura-chan!"

Sakura froze.'That voice!'


A/N-Hello again. I hope it's alright for my first try. Had to research it and with help from a certain friend I managed to get enough info for the story. Please read and comment! 'Suko

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