Gravity Falls Fanbook

Theories, poems, short stories, etc. Please comment your small entries. Larger ones should be emailed to Captain, Prez Cipher. Co-captain, Ahlaam Nightshade. Associate-co-captain, GirlOfManyFandoms.


1. Journal Theory 1

This Chapter By Prez Cipher

Old Man McGucket wrote the journals in his younger days, which is how he knew about the Gobblewonker (he needed something to base his robot's design on after all). He knew too much, so Bill scrambled his brains and drove him insane. Stan's twin, the owner of the glasses in Carpet Diem and The Time Traveller's Pig, found Journal One but later went missing (or unlocked the portal at the end of Gideon Rises), leaving the journal in Stan's possession. Stan wanted to find out more about his twin's so he decided to unlock the secret of all the journals.

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