Ill give you 30 days

Harry styles or niall horan how can you pick just one of them there my best fiends but they fall and well I'm to scared to fall cos I know that both arms will try to catch me but I don't want that ...


1. chapter 1

I was running around the school like an IDOT searching for my bestfriend Jen who I had just had a massive fight with I slowly started to fall onto the ground I sat up agianst a wall and cried untill my eyes were sore "you Alrite ?" A Irish voice said I turned to see niall I don't know him well but he's a nice guy

I nod my head and smile weakly towards him

He soars besides me and starts speaking "half the school knows about you and Jen we could hear you in class screaming ... I know where she is if you want to see her?" He asked I nodded and stood up quickly he dragged me behind him "she's just up there " he smiled pointin to the gym "thank you I owe you for being so kind to me "

"How about a dAte ?" He asked wich made my cheeks heat up " in your dreams boi !" I shouted to him as I ran to the gym " you'll fall for me baby " he laughed

4 hours later

Me and Jen made up and I have nialls phone number I like him but something seems of

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